Book 1 Sequence 4 Audiobook, Weeklong Live Recording

Starting tomorrow – from Tax Day to Earth Day – I’m going to go live on the Facebook page for Bones of Starlight at approximately tea time (appearing midafternoon PST sometime between 3-5) for an indeterminate but succinct span, as I lay a section book reading track each day for the beta audiobook on Bandcamp. Bring your own tea or snack. If I one-shot the recording, which happens, that live version will be the recording, but if I make a mistake I’ll just roll on and call it a live reading warmup. The videos should still be there on the page to catch anytime afterward.

The 4th Sequence has 7 parts, and if all goes smoothly I can release that entire Sequence album by-donation (as currently all the beta audiobook chapters are) over Bandcamp on Earth Day.

Stroll in anytime.

Mini book reading at the Fernie Brae Gallery

Portlanders, come visit the Fernie Brae tomorrow Saturday 11~2 where you can engage me for a snippet of story while you explore their amazing collection of faerie world art, including works by the Froud family.

What brings Bones of Starlight to the realm of fae? Specifically, it’s those endlessly inventive epiphenomenal Kao-Sidhe, space fae who make themselves known in Book 2: Abyss Surrounding, but it could also be the Dragons. So many dimensions, so nearby, it could be anything we don’t know yet.


Private Housewarming Library Reading


In this delightful deep forest library, I shared snippet readingsĀ  from Bones of Starlight with people closely inhabiting a connected and intimate setting. Beyond the library, people shared beautiful art, delicious food, and great music. It was a pleasure to be a part of this grand meeting at a special time.


Friends and colleagues, may you ever prosper. I will consider availability for your library-warmings. Try it, just one breathing author. Or more, with any others. Pick your nearest.



Upcoming: Last Word Books Olympia, Creative Commons Global Summit



In the heart of Washington’s state capital, lives a bookstore that is so much more. I’m pleased to provide part of the entertainment for the anniversary party with a reading this weekend! Link through the image for the event page.



I am one of the presenters at the Creators of the Commons Lightning Talks session for this year’s Creative Commons Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

The focus of my 15-minute talk is as follows:
CC Profiles in Arts & Entertainment Frontiers – How are license holders innovating the usage of Creative Commons rights in commercial cultural fields where they are not in wide usage? Science fiction fantasy author Eva L. Elasigue will discuss her use of CC in the realm of book and story publishing, from internet serialization, platform partnership, artistic collaboration, to print products. She will also bring word of other creative project innovators from the science fiction fantasy media genre and beyond.

I am deeply honored to be a scholarship recipient in order to attend this meeting, which will also be my first visit to Portugal. Thankful for this recognition by the creative rights movement I’ve loved since its inception, that is designing copyrights that work the way I thought they already did in the innocence of my youth.