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They had hashed and rehashed the central topics, and now were in yet another set of breakout discussions on ancillary matters. Wheee! The carousel on the carousel. Dragon Food just then noticed something on the proverbial wall – not necessarily writing, maybe more like a familiar signature.

There was a balance, at this point in the discussion and at this moment in time; Dragon Food also felt it between himself and whatever it was he was noticing right there. He got up from his seat, so to speak – there weren’t seats, more like places, and this wasn’t a place, but more of a conversational construct. Dragon Food changed the shape of the construct as he arose.

Whatever was pushing contact from elsewhere was also directly connected to Dragon Food with the solidity of a physical seesaw. It was like he could see it, and then he did see it, a dimensional perception that overtook his vision. There was a cosmic-scale fluid crystalline interconnected lattice in which he was a point at many points. Understanding upon arriving to this, he also recognized that this was an internal landscape of beings he knew. They were reassuringly observant and nonmanipulative, like… well, Dragon Food didn’t have a grandmother, but he’d been introduced to the concept. He trusted the insights of this view of reality. Then there was the something else, and what was it? It was concerned with these matters, drawn in, busy, but interested.

– Here we have quite the development.

The Seadog’s carbuncle-shell nose grew large, and dimensions curved inward towards its deep sniff.

– But will the new information carry any weight?

Present was also a manifestation of a platform with a calculation, which stated the question.

– I’m just going to make a little room here.

A strange thing for Dragon Food to say, because there was always room for disagreement among friends such as these. Yet there was a need to tip the balance, make some kind of energetic exchange. Flourishing a fare-thee-well, he grabbed the crystalline cosmic seesaw, rotating it. As he exited, his form became the portal through which a familiar sparkle opened a relatively gigantic eye into their parlor.

110 \ 302

The susurrus amid the bodies of the gathered Aureny was constant and constantly evolving. Vibrational levels rippled in reliefs and depressions between holders of differing frequencies. The people were arrayed around an open center, which was radiating a light they could perceive with the vibrational pits beneath their capital ridges. Connected to this light were sparkles from among them, centering around gems on the ground which gleamed actively. The flat open floor of one of the mightiest geode caverns served as the place.

The towering stony-hided people were wearing some of their finest, most heavily-tempered jeweled ornamentation. It was positioned with functions of amplitude. They were deep in perception of invisible levels familiar especially to them, but common to so many. There were so many beings out there, they knew, that could feel many, some, all, any of the feelings they knew in themselves. Living beings feel things with each other, for each other, about each other, because of each other.

Aureny live with feeling, feelings are beauty, feelings are nature, feelings exist in reality, everywhere amongst everything, they know because they feel it. Some feelings distant from each other in every other way are so like each other as to be a part of each other, connected and moving in relation with an almost certainty. Aureny know, they know, they know.

There is sometimes a way to bring feelings to know each other, to recognize and perhaps to be at peace with each other, to understand each other, to move around each other, to consciously co-exist, only as they each would, each feeling in its true best interest, because only then can we survive the rebalancing. A way to know the feelings is to feel them, so deeply, broadly, depthily and in the highest manner – to find the truth of it that transcends, while only knowing what one can, but with knowing all that one does. Then, the understanding, and the greater understanding. The vibrations and reverberations are real, and the people have their tools.

The diagram of powerful stones in the center was collective, multi-layered, and complex. They had brought their greatest skills to bear on this, and had been working on it for some time, giving it their best resources from far and wide. These stones are legendary, and the depth of this moment in their collective legend was happening around them, with them.

An Aureny would occasionally replace an Aureny in the configuration, and a stone would replace a stone. The light was living, and so was the sound, and the air. Their resonating chambers reflected the universe.

Mystvall felt some familiar feelings, along with many new and unfamiliar. There was a feeling familiar to a feeling familiar to a feeling; it might have a name, and something else about it was familiar but strange. This too was part of a larger whole; Mystvall’s perspective of the feeling through their own gave it a place amongst feelings, a balance. In its balance, which it always possessed, other things also had their balance. So, things moved together as they did, and they felt it, and they knew.

Things would become – from inside of this knowledge, while also being greater than the known. The knowledge of the feeling grows along with the moment, and so does the being and the world grow too. Together they would grow, they would grow with all of this, and they would grow it.

109 \ 301

The wide, elevated meadow full of people was in a somewhat festive mood. They’d just done something harrowing and hard, but they had done it. They believed in themselves that much at least. Captain Wendel Harper’s runners from the field had been tying up the passenger organization so people could get aboard and they could go. The fuels money was there, she believed them. This was actually a nice place for a breather. There was a mist of flowers over the ground. Flowers. It was just her again on the road, plus this next bunch.

Wendel had been called in to redistribute people in an inaccessible meadow. Vedani throughports had already sent some of them home. If this worked out, Wendel might be hiring more shuttle power to help, and this could go faster. Sending everybody somewhere specific wasn’t as easy as doing it the way they’ve done it before; conundrums like this are situationally unique, as tend to be their solutions. Only so much could safely be done at a time, given the energy resources. They’d ported out a fleet of soldiers all at once, but that had been improvised on the spot with the emergency inspiration of a unique set of embodied forces. Vedani formulae had to respect some laws of nature, so things progressed steadily apace. People were doing well enough hanging in there, prepared and lighter-hearted, even celebratory. There were no Vedani in this meadow, just humans. They did all know Vedani, and confirmed that the ride was called for them.

There were still a lot of people left here, but not too many. That’s what the encoded request for service had said when it came to her through Drift X. The message popped up through an obscure node of the system that she’d barely remembered was active. It was written in knowledgable cargo/passenger format, but came over a Vedani signal. They had her number, alright. So did a lot of people, and Wendel usually didn’t mind too much. So, she took the weird job, going somewhere weird to take some people home. Long way to come for just another forty people (out of a lot), but they’re the next most important forty people, all going to their own homes. It’d be some work.

She’d just taken people to safety, now she was taking them home. There was lots of hugging and exchanging of information. The sun was shining. Moments like these, she loves her job. Wendel has high job satisfaction, though. This is when it’s simple. This is when it’s easy to be proud of herself.

108 \ 300

– I perceive a number of obstacles in this consideration.
– There must be a way around that.
– Very little precedent.
– I’m balancing considerations.
– Whether or not we can will have to depend.

After expanses of creating a new mind to understand things he was seeing along his journey while being something totally other than himself, this was actually familiar. There was a cadence to these perspectives that resided within the Kao-Sidhe realm. Dragon Food was remembering again who he was and what he was, something that always came back to him if he forgot a little while mostly disincorporate.

The sound of this group was not squabbling, exactly – more like jocular and determined divergence of opinion. A pastime for some, a passion for others. Dragon Food had occasionally joined in himself, being a personage of at times unique perspective begging to be flexed. They would draw him in when he had particular relevance, and he frankly enjoyed the multi-faceted and contradictory nature of what might be called truth, but is more often a common ground. The ground. He forgot about the ground! Dragon Food loves the ground, he sometimes finds himself there. He gravitated toward the common ground being found.

– And if they should find it thus…
– It could be seen differently.
– It’s time to resolve a longstanding issue.
– The dangers are clear.

Dragon Food breached the membrane of understanding, and the decontextualized comments gained their background and discussion history. He prodded his being and discovered that he was completely himself again. He knew they were talking about matters of great recent interest, in which he was deeply involved. The bodies in discussion had had the presentiment for some time that they would be called in on this, and had made it their business already. They were enjoying themselves, and welcomed Dragon Food to join in the Fray.

– Please reaffirm the agreement.
– I agree to disagree.
– Good! Let’s begin again.

San Diego Comic-Con International

Here I go, going to be on the volunteer crew for Comic-Con International in San Diego! I can’t promise where I’ll be, but if you want to get in touch, I’ll be around if you want to get me through my channels. Let me know your tables, panels, and stomping grounds, and we might see each other there. Next week! 20/21-24.