Book 2 Poem Reading

In this video I posted onto my Readings YouTube playlist, I picked a poem to read from inside Book 2: Abyss Surrounding. “Star Matter Scarabs” is the title of the poem that was being discussed by the Vedani interested in Human poetry. This was read to an audience at Everelse wine bar’s literary & musical open mic in Friday Harbor, WA.

Also: Happy 100th Chapter to Greater Beyond, Book 3.

Deep Thoughts

After an exciting interlude of website down last Friday, here’s some evidence of a very deep plot point that’s making some beautiful sense. My visualization tool utilizes symbols by artist Thomas Christopher Haag. The numbers 16 and 10 came together really nicely as diagrammed on a circle, which had some benefits for analysis. The use tip at the bottom is for wizards.


There are words being made for the story, as well.

I also posted this video of a talk about my process of pairing this trilogy with creating an unrelated art series! A way to help things move along.


Eagle Bear

A friend came into the studio and shared some of his work when he got a copy of Fire On All Sides.  Robert Eagle Bear is a poet, storyteller, artist, drum master, healer and great-grandson of Chief Seattle.  He’ll be participating in some upcoming Friday Harbor, WA ceremonies and openings.

In this video he delivers a piece titled, “You’re The Boss”.