New Territory

Thanks to the generosity of Con or Bust, I now have a sponsored visit to Arisia 2017 in Boston, January 13-16!  As an author, I’ve only gone as far east as Chicago, so I know there’s a whole new world of writers, fans, and culture to encounter there.  And it’s because of this great organization that I even considered this new frontier.  I’ll see what I can bring to the table, there ought to be something!  I’ve got a good feeling about this one.  There’s a secret library in Boston daring me to find it again.

The Author @ Worldcon 74, Forward Peek

At Worldcon 74 in Kansas City, I was invited to be part of the Worldbuilders of Science Fiction & Fantasy project by Richard Man.  He uses a large format film camera, and only took two exposures, which felt like a significant way to record an image. Here are both!

1. “Well, folks…”


2. the ‘Starfleet crewmember’


Peek ahead, into the first edit dimension.  There is more, and it’s going through its proper phase.



Book 1, 2nd Printing & 1st Print Autographs

Fire On All Sides, Bones of Starlight Book 1 in paperback is now in second printing! This means that certain innocuous errors have been corrected, and there are two new reviews in the front of the book.  ISBN is the same, it just comes with a different designation on the copyright info page.  Final floating first printings are hidden in select stores in Friday Harbor, WA, USA.  And the second paperback printing is shiny enough for gift giving!

The great new reviews:

“She makes the act of envisioning a universe, giving it life on paper, and making it accessible to her readers seem like a simple feat.  Though her writing charmed me with its luminous quality, much like LeGuin’s, Ms. Elasigue has her own voice. It is miraculous and full of warmth, and one to cherish.”
– Zeta Moore, Black Gate, World Fantasy Award-winning online periodical

“It’s really good.”
– Richard Chwedyk, Nebula Award-winning author of Bronte’s Egg

I’m retiring my copy of the paperback 1st printing, and here are the many wonderful people who have graced the pages with their eyes and signatures:

Tanglewyst de Holloway, Tamora Pierce, Rachel Caine, Lauren Light

David Levine, Emily St. John Mandel, Richard Chwedyk, Dino, Jacob Casella

Marcus Justiss, Larry Niven, George R. R. Martin, Ayla Nereo, Mark Lakeman, Melinda Snodgrass

SJ Tucker



18 \ 106

Stretching, then a big step to launch into the movement. Heading partly upside down, involving limbs with the floor, from one movement to another – rotating in a controlled tumble, she enjoyed the rhythm her body defined.

A bright beam burst into the room from a small plane of light. The woman noticed it as she danced. Guessing a correct reaction, she passed her hands through the beam as she continued. Three sparks emerged, expanding to glowing wire frames which floated to their own positions. She let her momentum spin to a stop.

One spoke. “Is it exactly what you were looking for?”

“I’m unsure as to its importance,” the Princess replied, “but I am enjoying what you brought me. In that sense, perhaps yes.” The wireframes nodded. “I do wonder where you found it.” The wireframes shook their heads. “For some reason, I haven’t asked anyone to learn this with me. Do the Vedani dance?”

The Kao-Sidhe paused in motion. “Not exactly. Not like you’re thinking. It’s not for the sake of a good time.”

“Unless they’re having a good time doing it.”

“But it looks like dancing.”

“It’s scary,” Rosy Glow said, giggling.

“If you see it, something terrible may be occurring.”


“The answer is no…” Dragon Food smothered his chuckles. “…but yes? They’re very good at it.”

“If they teach you, you should try it.”

“Try it!”