Wide Release 11/11; Chicago Recap

Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding
WIDE RELEASE 11/11/2018
(for review advance proof copy, arrange with primal.spiral@gmail.com with “AP” in subject)


I also was able to hand Tom Hiddleston a copy of the new version of Bones of Starlight 1: Fire Within, which can offset his out-of-print paperback copy.

Advanced Proofs; Ahoy Chicago

If you’d like to get an Advanced Proof hardback paper copy of Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding, please arrange with primal.spiral@gmail.com containing “AP” in the subject line. These will be provided, with request for reviews, at cost plus shipping (additional donation welcome), until the wide release date of 11/11.

AS jacket 9

Glimpses of life in Chicago.


Wednesday Wonderposting: Gumbo Fiction Salon Chicago, Ace Comic Con Midwest

Tomorrow, I am a featured writer at this month’s Gumbo Fiction Salon in Chicago! This one is a celebration of Frankenstein’s Bicentennial, the novel often credited as the beginning of the literary genre of science fiction.



I’d restate the great pun from Callahan’s at WorldCon 76 about having a beer and a hot dog in honor of the anniversary, but I can’t quite resurrect it. Happy to participate in this landmark occasion by joining in the lively tradition of this salon; it reminds me of discovering my first appearance in a literary industry magazine in Locus issue #666. Auspicious.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be at Ace Comic Con Midwest! I’m thrilled to be listed alongside such great talent, and I hope people will enjoy visiting my Artist’s Alley table – and then enjoy the books they get from there even more.


The happenstance abbreviation of my book title to “Ire Within” really does something for this highlight image!

Book 2 Timeline

Abyss Surrounding, Book 2 of Bones of Starlight, is on its way!

– OCTOBER 11 –
Advance Proof copies available from the author.
Arrange for yours by emailing primal.spiral@gmail.com with “AP” in the subject

Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding
Wide Release, at fine bookstores & online markets

Book 2 Table of Contents Complete

See the link in the menu at the top to view the gloriously complete Table of Contents for Book 2. Now there are two full books that can be read on this website. Licensed CC-BY-NC 4.0 (shareable with attribution, no commercial derivatives unless by agreement).

Invite others to check it out, follow my social media, invest in the audiobooks, and buy copies online or through your local bookstore for the deluxe physical encapsulation, great for gift giving and low-eyestrain enjoyment. Show support to keep the saga rolling!