Upon the Pages

Today, I’m sharing a little of the journey of Fire On All Sides, Bones of Starlight Book 1. Many wonderful people have been gracious enough to leave their mark upon my work, one way or another. Sitting in front of a magnificent vintage map, here’s a glimpse of Who Hath Seen:


This page includes Patti Barker, Clay Mazing, Mike Carey, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jukey Jukebox, Divya Srinivasan, Taiyo Fujii, Ken Liu, Jessica Walch, Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani, Likhain… and it will go on until I have a new publication in my hands.

If you didn’t know these particular names already, here are hints as to the monumental awesomeness contained herein: writer guests of honor, cultural representative, Hugo & Nebula Award winners &  artist nominee, national beatboxing champs competitor, disaster zone entertainer, comic book series author, woman about to get married, fiber artist, novel translator, puppeteer!

Asking people to sign it is my way of making sure that I retain a copy of my own book.

Audiobook Opening Song Preview

I’m excited and pleased to share with you the opening credits song that will preface the full audiobook narration for Fire On All Sides. This haunting song by Jillian Ann (as remixed by Phutureprimitive) is thematically on point with full blown intensity! You can enjoy the complete unedited version by following the picture link, and you can also explore the other remixes on Jillian Ann’s full album. This song is also a part of Phutureprimitive’s album, Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Pt. 1.

JA Passes Away

66 \ 154

A human skull with fine chain threaded through the eyeholes, around the jaw and through the nose. It’s my skull, hanging from an invisible ceiling. Light comes from inside it. The air around it is filled with mist and incense smoke, upon which the light forms symbols, letters perhaps. The skull rotates to face me directly, and the light goes out. That’s not the end of my dream. I reach forward in the dark to find it – since after all, it is my skull – but instead I find a stone, whose weight falls into my hands. It feels at first like one of the large round cobbles from the old wall of the royal court. I hold it against my chest as though it’s protecting me, and the shape in my hands changes to feel more like the lodestone: smaller, smooth and crystalline variegated, yet still heavy. Then the stone breaks in my hands! I fall apart in that moment, as well. As it crumbles, so do I, and through the cracks shows a new, green light. I can see through my hands. I try to pick up the broken pieces, but my body has become spectral and I can’t touch anything. The new light grows, pieces of the stone crumbling away into nothing, and a strange dawn reveals a world I cannot see.

I woke up yearning, both missing and wishing, gently cradled in detachment like under a blanket of soft frost.

[From the Annals of Celeste, Magus the 24th]