Art Prints on Etsy & Sketch Note 7

If you’ve been thinking of hanging a lovely story portal in your home or ship, the wait is over.  There is now a selection of prints available via Etsy, and I’ll supply you with more as they come in.

There’s a link at the top of the site!  Art Prints, next to Audiobook.  These both are shipped through different outlets, so if you’re making a double order (don’t be shy), use the code POCKETPAIR for 10% off both stores to defray the extra costs.

Favorite the store, and check back often.
Primal Spiral on Etsy

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OryCon 37 & Sketch Note 5

The Bones of Starlight originals and prints will be showing in the Art Show at OryCon 37, November 20-22 in Portland, OR! Pick up a story portal in the Print Shop, or find a favorite original sketch on display under Primal Spiral.

10% proceeds on originals will go to City Repair of Portland, OR. Permaculture placemaking philosophies are transforming public space into neighborhood oases – beginning with talking to each other, growing things, and facing inward.

Enjoy science fiction & fantasy writing on the Portland waterfront.


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