Art Prints on Etsy & Sketch Note 7

If you’ve been thinking of hanging a lovely story portal in your home or ship, the wait is over.  There is now a selection of prints available via Etsy, and I’ll supply you with more as they come in.

There’s a link at the top of the site!  Art Prints, next to Audiobook.  These both are shipped through different outlets, so if you’re making a double order (don’t be shy), use the code POCKETPAIR for 10% off both stores to defray the extra costs.

Favorite the store, and check back often.
Primal Spiral on Etsy

4th Sequence 5th sq C 75 store 7th sq C 75 store



Sections: 5 + 6 + 7


Tour Stickers & Sketch Note 6

Available now in the merch section of, tour stickers highlighting many of the places I’ve been this summer and fall promoting the Bones of Starlight. Five Ten dollars includes domestic shipping, signed upon your wish.

tour stickers



Sections: 8 + 9

guest sketch by xvonjon
a nice Halloween harbinger.

OryCon 37 & Sketch Note 5

The Bones of Starlight originals and prints will be showing in the Art Show at OryCon 37, November 20-22 in Portland, OR! Pick up a story portal in the Print Shop, or find a favorite original sketch on display under Primal Spiral.

10% proceeds on originals will go to City Repair of Portland, OR. Permaculture placemaking philosophies are transforming public space into neighborhood oases – beginning with talking to each other, growing things, and facing inward.

Enjoy science fiction & fantasy writing on the Portland waterfront.


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