World Fantasy Convention 2020, on tomorrow

So far, so fun. Virtual WFC is already rolling, while my official panels are tomorrow Saturday:

5:00pm MT: Eva L. Elasigue, Reading
8:00pm MT: The Art of the Series, Panel

Following is a selection of PDFs from the electronic book bag (including my own) available for download to attendees:

And here’s a (permission-granted) screencap of the Weird Fiction Reading Cluster:

36.5 \ 218

As Draig was guided to examine each viewpoint more carefully, he received internal estimates of each force brewing, its points of focus and the knowledge base directing it. The grips of power and chains of collapse. Most of this came in the form of wordless understanding, but the Dragon Mbarx also whispered.

…so much of this might is new… but what is new comes from the old. we know these workings, now. i know my part… the others know theirs. your shield of disharmony was elegantly woven… but we forged another frequency, and now we are present with the powers needed to remove you of yours…

Gaining knowledge of the forces in conflict also gave General Claymore awareness of how they would behave in the dismantling, and he stopped himself from considering the manner of imminent fatalities. These explosives were lit. The overview folded itself away from him, and he was approached again by the consciousness of Raev Sturlusson. Signalman? Draig was surprised by the moniker which floated into thought. That must be what they call him.

“You know that there’s next to no time. We have an escape hatch option. This wasn’t planned, and it’s never been done before. This is via the combined abilities of concerned parties who you have never met, but you are the one who has to tell your soldiers to save themselves. There’s no time for detailed explanation. The attack won’t wait. It’s for you to decide that it’s worth the risk to try to save as many as you can. If they do as you say… they’ll live. We don’t think they would have listened to us. There’s a good chance they’ll listen to you.”

“What do they need to do?”

“They need to link hands and touch the orbs that appear inside their windows.”

“Where are they going to go?”

“I don’t know. Somewhere.”

“I’ll tell them. How?”

A clean, glowing blue beam extended from Sturlusson’s point of awareness toward General Alisandre’s. “Connect. Then you can speak, and your voice will be sent into every vessel you just sighted.”

36.4 \ 218

There was another human awareness present – something like him, but over there. Draig recognized signs of a similar role, placement, presence, intention. They were actually here, of all places outside of physical space.

Part of the friction boundary swirled open, allowing these two into each others’ space while remaining in their own elements. “Oh, it’s you. Raev Sturlusson.”

The gaze returned from the other side. “Oh. Hello. General Alisandre.” There was a beat, then tension exploded in grappling, between the raw force of one and the other. Claymore felt the surge within himself, but it was met immediately, simultaneously. The churning of fractal boundaries between their domains threatened to fracture the current cohesion, then subsided to a calmer writhing with no mutual injury. “That was fun, I guess. Interesting seeing you here. I am busy.” Sturlusson’s presence began to withdraw, then hesitated while seeming to be directed elsewhere. “If you wait… just a moment.”

General Claymore felt all the dimension behind and around him, wondering how time worked here. Dreams could happen in the minutes before waking, but this wasn’t a dream. Not facile yet in the thought-voice, he decided not to exert unless strictly required. This was probably worth it.

“Since you’re here. Some of my associates had the bravado of giving you a glimpse of what is occurring. That was not a future-telling, this is happening right now. There may be more to this than your curiosity, maybe this: others among us feel it would be better for fewer people to have to die. Your presence affords us a unique opportunity, which some are discussing, very quickly, right now.”

Draig stayed put. The tension between their dynamically balanced forces felt less like arm wrestling and more like handshaking in this moment.

“Mbarx would like to inform you further so you can understand the matter more fully, in case you should like to exercise your role.” General Alisandre had recognized their sightings immediately: the five largest Alpha Station bases with fleet mobilizations.

36.3 \ 218

He sensed as far as he could along the Viridian network. Blended strains of music were the subtle matter trod by his awareness, a solidity of spun fiber. Distance was only a matter of perspective, and range was a factor of will. This is an aspect of space to Dragons, though of course this wasn’t physical space. Humans are not usually able to experience the dragonroads as travelers. Their usual interaction is from within formulas of physics.

Draig Claymore found the frontier, an obvious roiling edge. There was nothing between things – there was this, and then beyond it there was that. That was something very like this, but different in mood and substance. That, over there, was billowing and hotly active against flowing tension. He sent his eye to face it directly, and it spoke directly to him.

you thought we
need never be
seen again

These were Dragon voices too, creaking with unfamiliarity yet sizzling with renewed vigor. Ulphos, Magneu… who else could he hear? General Claymore had taken the trouble to learn their names. They traded off and spoke the same words. They’d been alone together for a long time.

we had no
no seekers for
too long
the old hunger
calling for
its rightful due
we will
find it
we will
take it
where you
keep it
in your home
we want
what is ours

The General reached out to set senses upon the threads of matter in this opposing force, and they parted to allow a clear glimpse – like curtains revealing a battle table, composed of real images as seen through real eyes. This force that seemed so distant, at bay along the far edge, had created its own vantages. They were staring directly at strategic payload.

New Book 1 PDF

It’s pretty and light, seemingly – the new PDF version of Fire Within! $5 to @Eva-Elasigue-Primal-Spiral on Venmo, or to over PayPal to get the ball rolling. I am happy to report that this PDF is also accessible to people who have a World Fantasy Convention virtual pass.