Eagle Bear

A friend came into the studio and shared some of his work when he got a copy of Fire On All Sides.  Robert Eagle Bear is a poet, storyteller, artist, drum master, healer and great-grandson of Chief Seattle.  He’ll be participating in some upcoming Friday Harbor, WA ceremonies and openings.

In this video he delivers a piece titled, “You’re The Boss”.

Story Hiatus, Other Updates

Expect story updates to begin again on this site in June.

Meanwhile, other relevant things will leak in.  This week I appeared locally in Friday Harbor at the Rumor Mill Open Mic, and the Library Literary Salon.  No pictures, sorry!

Continuing on my author site, is another new/old exquisite corpse (collectively written page) from Barter Faire 2016 (aka. Okanogan Family Faire), October.  These shared typewriter works will operate under a Creative Commons Free Culture License.