At Dublin 2019 WorldCon 77

Dublin WorldCon is off to an exhilarating start. I love how many different people translate in from their distributed communities to create this family that morphs from year to year and place to place, growing and staying in touch.

68498126_559153098223982_9158465619199262720_n[photo by Lincoln Peters, radiance by ele]


San Diego Special

I want to be sure to recall some really neat times on a first exploratory foray for one day around San Diego Comic Con. Producers! Screenwriters! Buskers! Cosplayers! Trekkies! All-Star Locals!  Visiting hostelmates! What a beach, and what a sunset. Thanks for showing interest in me and calling me in, San Diego. I braided your seaweed into my hair.

For those into crime drama, I got a tip about Lincoln, an upcoming series based on The Bone Collector. A quadriplegic forensic criminologist back in the game. I worked some quadriplegic assistance, have a quadriplegic neighbor – neat to hear of an engaging main character for a wide viewing audience living with those limitations.


As the Platen Turns

Taking a moment here to appreciate the layer of my process that is the typewriter draft. Bones of Starlight second draft occurs via typewriter, and it’s just worked well that way the entire time. Rhythm, immediacy, physicality, sound, focus, energy investment, all are contributing factors. So here’s some upcoming prose in its raw typewriter incarnation. I do fewer on-page edits than when I began.


Book 2 Autographs

Taking a moment to pause and admire some of the personages who have come into to contact with the journey of this trilogy.


There’s a William Gibson, a Charlie Cox, a Shakespeare & Co. storekeeper, a Larry Niven, a comic book store owner from my youth, MORE, and most recently the Space Lady!