Story Hiatus, Other Updates

Expect story updates to begin again on this site in June.

Meanwhile, other relevant things will leak in.  This week I appeared locally in Friday Harbor at the Rumor Mill Open Mic, and the Library Literary Salon.  No pictures, sorry!

Continuing on my author site, is another new/old exquisite corpse (collectively written page) from Barter Faire 2016 (aka. Okanogan Family Faire), October.  These shared typewriter works will operate under a Creative Commons Free Culture License.

Cascade Writers June 2017

Bones of Starlight author Eva L. Elasigue (that is, I) will be presenting at the Cascade Writers June 2017 workshop weekend.  This is on June 23-25, the same weekend as the Locus Awards in Seattle.  2+ workshops/panels, topics yet to be disclosed!  I did in fact propose a unit on napping, where there would be naps, and explanations on why and when naps are good, and different napping methods.  And, I’ll talk on other things.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.56.48 AM