Chapter Patch: 23.1

A portion of information was not included in the original posting of 23.1 that I wanted to be sure was correctly mentioned. I haven’t gone back to readjust a whole lot, but I felt I had to address it, and it was not too far distant nor difficult to do.

If you reread it and everything feels in place, good. If you’re able to note what hadn’t been mentioned, then good for you!

Character Study, Convention Cancellation, Art Store Exhibit

Yes, alas, ACE Comic Con Northeast is canceled due to the current pandemic emergency. I’ll be using my book supply to stock outlets and take direct orders.

This past weekend, I did attend a fantabulous character maquette bust sculpting workshop with Toby Froud and friends at The Fernie Brae gallery in Portland. I explored Rosy Glow’s concept, a Kao-Sidhe character who appears starting in Book 2.

For some of the latest work by the teaching artist, check out award-winning productions Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance television series on Netflix, and Missing Link feature film by Laika.

And here’s one pic of our little gathering at the store for Leo Shallat’s art opening:


Cover Artist Gallery Opening


On Thursday 6-9, I’m going to support Bones of Starlight’s hardcover art painter Leo Shallat at a new gallery opening at Art Primo, a supply store for his medium in Capitol Hill. Join us to experience what stunning newness there may be In Store. If you’re not going out, view or support via , and as always the science fiction fantasy books featuring his artwork on the cover are obtainable from wherever you like to procure new books in distribution.

Greater Beyond contents updated

27 installments or 9 full section titles later, the table of contents for Book 3: Greater Beyond gets an update, at the close of 23. Ready at the top of the site page for your update-free enjoyment! But if you love those updates and are interested in the writer’s journey of events and promotions, there’s still an Updates category link up there too, that will provide a condensed, story-free chronology of what’s been going on with Eva L. Elasigue & Bones of Starlight.

Thanks for all your interest – there’s a lot more of this story on its way. This book is the final volume of the trilogy story, with a planned appendix.