Completing my Table of Contents update for Greater Beyond, it’s been 11 chapter sections in 27 installments this time, within the 25th Sequence of the trilogy. Lots brewing. I was reflecting on how one page in this part of the story is connected to 50+ other pages in the entire trilogy, so a page completion is sometimes like a 50-page completion. That probably isn’t an exaggeration. A lot of these moments have been a long time coming, satisfying and surprising, parts of an interconnected web of events.

I’ve enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with these characters, and it amounts to a lot; I know that we’ll part ways when the narrative thread is over, sooner now than before. The reader has a lot more time left with them, but now’s the point when I, the writer, have to tell myself it’s okay to let go. That’s going to happen. I know what they would think, I know what they would say, I know what they like… and I know that they’ll be fine, and so will I – in whatever sense of the word.

Confusion Panels


— Sunday 12:00 GMT – Xenos! Aliens, in SFChannel 5 [The Infinite Library], Track: Media
Type: PanelMike Brooks, Robert S Malan, Allen Stroud, Eva L. Elasigue, Shiv Ramdas

What’s the magic number of aliens in sci-fi? Zero, like Firefly? All of them, like Star Wars? Somewhere in between? What are the pros and cons of featuring aliens in science fiction? Do they encourage us to examine our humanity in contrast to them, or does this promote an idea of “”humanity”” as a homogenous mass?

— Sunday 14:00 – Readings: Eva Elasigue and Neil Williamson, Reading Space 2, Track: Books & Lit
Type: Reading Neil Williamson, Eva L. Elasigue

Eva Elasigue example works: Bones Of Starlight Neil Williamson example works: Queen Of Clouds, The Memoirist

— Monday 13:00 – Kaffeeklatsch: Eva Elasigue, Klatsch Space 1, Track: Books & Lit
Type: Discussion Group Eva L. Elasigue



— Friday 18:00 – The Magical Musical Mystery Machine Tour! Channel 5 [The Infinite Library]Track: Media
Type: Panel Dan Abnett, Eva L. Elasigue, Michael Carroll

Comics with music, and comics turning into music; everything from 2000AD’s Lawless The Musical to Jem & The Holograms to Spiderman Turn Off The Dark