Poetry at Gallery Mystes Rising

Gallery Mystes Rising is a unique space in Friday Harbor, WA that hosts an eclectic array of visual and other arts. Right next to the ferry landing, it draws seekers and dreamers.

I am bringing some poetry poppers to next Monday’s musical event, on the 23rd, 8-10pm. Find them, or find me. 100 Front St. Ste. 28, 98250. Can also arrange for signed copies of Bones of Starlight.


[Containing a hand-lettered cloth patch, editioned/signed handwritten copier broadsheet of winning poem “Stars Framed in Adobe Clay” & beach-found seaglass, sewn shut.]

3: Greater Beyond, Table of Contents

Now that the third book of Bones of Starlight is past its first chapter/Sequence, it’s getting its own table of contents page! See the top menu bar to witness the glory of all three titles, side by side. They’re clickable and contain ordered links to all the postings of the story serialization. It may be the last book, but there’s still a lot yet to occur in the saga that is Bones of Starlight. Thanks for following along, and stay tuned.

Sh’Bang Fest! & Poetry Popper

I’m going to Sh’Bang Fest, and will be amongst the audience in the Saloon Chapel tomorrow 9/7 Saturday night from 9pm-close. I’m bringing a limited edition Poetry Popper – with a hand-lettered fabric patch, a signed copier broadsheet of my ribbon-winner poem Stars Framed in Adobe Clay (lettered in my handwriting), and small piece of beach glass picked by me. Compensate or romance me appropriately.

My poetry is signed: e.l.elasigue