Hardcover Series Art

Sticking with incredibly talented Seattle-based calligraphy painter Leo Shallat, a stunning trio of paintings has been selected for the hardcover editions of Bones of Starlight. Even more, there are already prints available of the original artwork! Get them while you can, links with images. Very honored to be graced by this world-class public-works artist.

Displaying as the new website banner is a detail shot of the artwork for Fire Within. The also-beautiful previous selection for Book 1, “Dragon”, is still viewable in the Paintings section of Leo’s online portfolio.

for Book 1: Fire Within
“Golden Compass”


for Book 2: Abyss Surrounding
“Open Source”


for Book 3: Greater Beyond


Fire Within new to Kindle

Bones of Starlight 1: Fire Within is new to Amazon Kindle!

kindle release image

This is the updated reissue of the first book in the trilogy, previously known as Fire On All Sides.

A note on the previous version, Fire On All Sides:
this will remain available in hardcover and paperback through major distribution channels until just after the reissue becomes available in each format.

The story remains intact, the main change being a set of singular agendered pronouns for Dragons. This partial restart was also a good opportunity to align the volume titles better with my original vision. As follows:

1: Fire Within
2: Abyss Surrounding
3: Greater Beyond

Hardcover and paperback of Fire Within are to follow this summer!, featuring the amazing artwork of Leo Shallat and Genesis Grey on the covers. I’m going to release these without my author sketches from book 1 and collect them elsewhere, in a different way.

Meanwhile, Book 2: Abyss Surrounding will continue to wrap up here on this website, with the participation (all along) of wonderful watchful editor Alex Bear of Constellation Editing.

I’m at MisCon 32 in Missoula this weekend, roving and promoting this release. I’m making some handout autograph stickers (which you can put ANYWHERE). As shown:


But there’s going to be a backing, so I can hand them out, and it’s going to take way more work than you see here! By which point, they’ll be practically precious, right.

Unicorn meets skinchanger:


Reissue Beta Offer; Voice Talent

For anyone interested in contributing to the release of Fire Within as beta readers, I have a PDF/.doc markup copy available of the full text. This is just to look for errors, not make changes in style. I’m currently giving it touches of shine before Kindle version rolls out (first).

If you’d like to participate, email primal.spiral@gmail.com with the words BETA REQUEST FIRE WITHIN in the subject line.

There’s now a 2-track ep on evaelasigue.bandcamp.com featuring the vocal talent of Leland Gilliam (a.k.a. Led Lawless, wrestling announcer) reading the first two sections of the 2nd Sequence of Fire Within. It sounds cool and clever, have a listen! (Please tip your entertainers.)