Confusion Panels


— Sunday 12:00 GMT – Xenos! Aliens, in SFChannel 5 [The Infinite Library], Track: Media
Type: PanelMike Brooks, Robert S Malan, Allen Stroud, Eva L. Elasigue, Shiv Ramdas

What’s the magic number of aliens in sci-fi? Zero, like Firefly? All of them, like Star Wars? Somewhere in between? What are the pros and cons of featuring aliens in science fiction? Do they encourage us to examine our humanity in contrast to them, or does this promote an idea of “”humanity”” as a homogenous mass?

— Sunday 14:00 – Readings: Eva Elasigue and Neil Williamson, Reading Space 2, Track: Books & Lit
Type: Reading Neil Williamson, Eva L. Elasigue

Eva Elasigue example works: Bones Of Starlight Neil Williamson example works: Queen Of Clouds, The Memoirist

— Monday 13:00 – Kaffeeklatsch: Eva Elasigue, Klatsch Space 1, Track: Books & Lit
Type: Discussion Group Eva L. Elasigue



— Friday 18:00 – The Magical Musical Mystery Machine Tour! Channel 5 [The Infinite Library]Track: Media
Type: Panel Dan Abnett, Eva L. Elasigue, Michael Carroll

Comics with music, and comics turning into music; everything from 2000AD’s Lawless The Musical to Jem & The Holograms to Spiderman Turn Off The Dark

Round 2

The performance troupe arts residency with Momentom Collective has extended its participation window for another month, and I’m in it. We’re talking about a co-taught author session with John Early, travel memoirist, myself in science fiction fantasy, both of us poets. More creative alchemy is likely to ensue from within our temporary enclave. It’s been enriching, productive, and multidimensional, as well as conducive to the ongoing continuation of Bones of Starlight. More story on its way while I stay creatively fit, and share the mead of inspiration with worlds beyond and behind words, in a pocket of supportive safety tucked away in wild beauty.

Momentom Collective

I’m a resident writer this month with the sacred circus Momentom Collective on the volcanic island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua, where the Aztecs, Maya, and Inca would convene. We’re all getting COVID tested and getting serious about the fun we’re making. Happening on a cacao farm! Here’s a moon calendar. I’ll continue writing and posting Bones of Starlight while there.

TOC Sequence Update

Have updated the Table of Contents for Greater Beyond, which always rests in the popdown menu bar at the very top of each page. It now includes the 22-installment/7-section run of the 24th Sequence of Bones of Starlight (4th of Greater Beyond).

This far into the siege on our lives that is a pandemic, still upholding the honor of being able to create a thing of enjoyment, and perhaps meaning. This turbulence is reaching everyone in ways direct and indirect, and even indirect disturbances feel like direct hits. I miss the world; meanwhile I’m working on this one.