Tonight: NY

Bicentennial Bones of Starlight story post: Hooray!

I’m popping up at COSM – Chapel of Sacred Mirrors for tonight’s Full Moon Gathering with Typewriter Collabstream poetry – people can sit down with me at my 1958 Hermes 3000, and co-create a poetic line of word association or stream of consciousness, to keep.

I’ll be situated in the stunning originals room, with these (pictured) and other monumental works: check out that brushwork texture.

Full Moon Ceremony begins at 7:30, and music by Deca & DJ MarvL starts at 9:30, along with other simultaneous interactive creativity, including mine!

The Lay of Sakhana and Zoe @ WFC 2019

Here’s a video of the reading I did for the Poetry Open Mic at the World Fantasy Convention – this ancient-epic style poem is contained in Bones of Starlight 1: Fire Within, performed upon the occasion of the 7-year holiday of Pyrean Midsummer, when four planets of the Pan-Galactic Imperium have aligned solstices.

(I was actually surprise video’d by the illustrious Deborah Beale, who also caught some pictures for me. But, why not? The words as spoken.)


Mini book reading at the Fernie Brae Gallery

Portlanders, come visit the Fernie Brae tomorrow Saturday 11~2 where you can engage me for a snippet of story while you explore their amazing collection of faerie world art, including works by the Froud family.

What brings Bones of Starlight to the realm of fae? Specifically, it’s those endlessly inventive epiphenomenal Kao-Sidhe, space fae who make themselves known in Book 2: Abyss Surrounding, but it could also be the Dragons. So many dimensions, so nearby, it could be anything we don’t know yet.


Greater Beyond Cover Art

This is Bones of Starlight hardcover artist Leo Shallat (at his studio sale in Seattle continuing this weekend), sitting next to a print of the art that will feature on Book 3: Greater Beyond. Painting titled, Golden Hour. This switchup hits the right tone, and I’m greatly pleased about it! It’s also a wonderful experience to see this painter pushing his art to new levels over the years, now.