52.3 \ 234

She was not interrupted by any of the others as she brought her wireframe form over to settle her head amid the Symbias root branchings. This one’s emotional-musical language met her senses clearly again, and Aelrn called up her sonic analysis data and poetic impression file. In some way, recording poetic impressions created more accurately effective waveforms, distinguishable by their strong ideations. Symbias are able to affect reality through sharing their dimensional awareness with their friends. Once understood to a degree, they’re deft communicators – consistent to forms of address or clarification, making repetitions to get their point across.

Aelrn loved listening to them, though in Vedani fashion she was working to make it possible to let others do this work in her stead. She thought of what she would do afterward, and in what way it might be related or different. Her gained familiarity with these… plants?… warmed her affections more and more, every time she returned and learned and understood. That was the effect of their presence, and Aelrn felt she could grasp a certain deep foundation of the Aquari people. She’d been feeling like she wanted to name her favorite but hadn’t yet, sensing this was a tradition that belonged to others first, others with whom she should speak.

They were working out eight distinct patterns, one for each homeworld of the Aquarii. These were accompanied by a collection of subpatterns, which corresponded to burnt groves on each planet. They were being given spatiotemporal frequency keys. Vedani were able to recognize these principles relating to their own understanding neurolocation, the way that internal states affect the ability to find or connect to a physical place. In a moment with certain conditions, done in such a way, by such a person, something can have a specific effect. It wasn’t that far a stretch. The Symbias liked this about them. Aelrn shut out the visual aetherscape, and for now listened only to sound.

52.2 \ 234

There were plenty of comfortable alcoves for people working aetherically, and Aelrn sought the nearest unoccupied. She lay her body down in the center and closed her eyes to access entry to her grove, which had grown in many ways. There was more traffic there now, and the Symbias enjoyed it.

52.1 \ 234

With her impassioned stint as a botanical researcher reaching its zenith here, Aelrn Lkcd took a moment to appreciate the live workings of her lab. Previously only a project in the aetherscape, this amazing concept was being given its best chance with the resources and motivation of the allied effort.

This was a possibility to turn tragic casualties into collaborative progress of understanding. Not to make a wrong right, but to get good from bad, maybe just one slightly more beautiful future. This is the kind of scenario the Vedani preferred, and had believed possible in the beginning when they first discovered people similar to themselves in alliance with others even more different. Now, the Vedani were choosing to fight for self-preservation from a civilization that had shown potential to turn successfully hostile on a species-threatening scale. Some, like Aelrn, were yet convinced that the future could be better in concert than in conflict. What she’d been discovering could make that possibility nearer, making amends and bonds during the process of resolution. The aetheric Symbias trees expressed total acceptance and support of this intention.

From the curve in the room where she stood observing, the lead researcher watched the different stations. There were the test patches of soil, large enough for two to four people to sit upon the imported earth. There they tested and refined soil-to-aetherscape readings. It looked like people sitting on the dirt and patting it occasionally, sometimes sinking their fingers into it. Aelrn closed her eyes and peered into the aetherlab, where each pat of the soil elicited sonic dialogue from the energetic Symbias treeforms. They pulsed with brightness, especially around the roots, some of which terminated in a carefully coded, self-iterating pocket of formulae. These pockets were encased by the electric outline of a spike.

Opening her eyes, Aelrn set her gaze on the long bench of toolforms receiving refinements. Here lay spikes of corresponding shape, which themselves pulsed as they received information from the formulae responding to the energetic trees. These daggerlike spikes were hollow, eight-sided for specific resonances, with a chamber of intersecting rings at the top of a hilt that could be gripped by the mekasuits. Two engineers were there working on these round upper chambers, laying light circuitry and pressurizing elemental vapors. This tool should pulse when one of the others pats the soil. The prototypes were receiving, but the connection needed work in order to be strong, sure, and complex.

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— Sunday 12:00 GMT – Xenos! Aliens, in SFChannel 5 [The Infinite Library], Track: Media
Type: PanelMike Brooks, Robert S Malan, Allen Stroud, Eva L. Elasigue, Shiv Ramdas

What’s the magic number of aliens in sci-fi? Zero, like Firefly? All of them, like Star Wars? Somewhere in between? What are the pros and cons of featuring aliens in science fiction? Do they encourage us to examine our humanity in contrast to them, or does this promote an idea of “”humanity”” as a homogenous mass?

— Sunday 14:00 – Readings: Eva Elasigue and Neil Williamson, Reading Space 2, Track: Books & Lit
Type: Reading Neil Williamson, Eva L. Elasigue

Eva Elasigue example works: Bones Of Starlight Neil Williamson example works: Queen Of Clouds, The Memoirist

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51.3 \ 233

The four of them hollered with laughter. Human dimensions tickle, and getting here was hilariously weird for all of them. They continued dissolving, or resolving, in giggles as they broke their group hug and started looking around. Captain Wendel touched parts of Drift X as she moved, and they were solid, yet still alive (though in the more familiar way).

They were parked in a glen surrounded by tall, straight trees. A bright noontime sky shone golden-hued, and the three moons told Wendel they were on Primatris. In the distance across the meadow sat the Clearpath, looking scrubbed. The sight took her breath away, and she floundered toward the hatch and hit the opener. Continuing to peer out, she saw that people were bringing firewood into the ship. Leiv’s delivering wood? That can’t be earning him much, but the food’s probably good.

As the hatch finished opening and Wendel spilled out of it, she saw Leiv step out of his hold. It gave her the silliest grin as she broke into a run. Her limbs don’t normally flap around this much when she’s running, but okay. Relieved laughter sobbed gently from her as she flapped a hand up in the air while galloping toward him. Heads turned as they just noticed the ship there, and Leiv saw her. He’d just taken an armload of wood, and he took a step toward her and dropped it to one side. Wendel must have been running pretty fast, because Leiv had just reached out his hand when her outstretched hand met his. Leaning against that hand like a solid wall of safety, Wendel drooped panting and grinning, and he softened like he could finally relax for a minute.