Book 1 Sequence 4 Audiobook, Weeklong Live Recording

Starting tomorrow – from Tax Day to Earth Day – I’m going to go live on the Facebook page for Bones of Starlight at approximately tea time (appearing midafternoon PST sometime between 3-5) for an indeterminate but succinct span, as I lay a section book reading track each day for the beta audiobook on Bandcamp. Bring your own tea or snack. If I one-shot the recording, which happens, that live version will be the recording, but if I make a mistake I’ll just roll on and call it a live reading warmup. The videos should still be there on the page to catch anytime afterward.

The 4th Sequence has 7 parts, and if all goes smoothly I can release that entire Sequence album by-donation (as currently all the beta audiobook chapters are) over Bandcamp on Earth Day.

Stroll in anytime.

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