Private Housewarming Library Reading


In this delightful deep forest library, I shared snippet readings  from Bones of Starlight with people closely inhabiting a connected and intimate setting. Beyond the library, people shared beautiful art, delicious food, and great music. It was a pleasure to be a part of this grand meeting at a special time.


Friends and colleagues, may you ever prosper. I will consider availability for your library-warmings. Try it, just one breathing author. Or more, with any others. Pick your nearest.



16.4 / 198

A brassy trumpeting began to sound, spreading around the cavern until it seemed like it could shake the place apart. Stomping polyrhythms began again in earnest when this subsided, the bass wobble harmonics multiplying. Mystvall removed their large circular neck torc. Drawing Soleil’s attention with piercing focus, they let loose a melodic bellow.


With a great heave, the torc went spinning through the air until it ricocheted crashing against a far curved wall, sending crystalline gems sparkling down through the air. The torc rebounded directly toward someone across the chamber, who caught it and flung their own torc into other recesses. Crashes and catches syncopated, tinkling explosions in chorded pitches.

Aureny began launching their regalia in groups via criss-crossing trajectories, rotating throws and catches. Pauldrons and other accessories went into the mix. Hardly accident nor error could Soleil notice as chunks of metal and stone greater than her size went hurtling. The body-fitting designs also possessed aerodynamic qualities. Crystals were falling constantly on every side, facets flashing as the glow inside dimmed, chiming as they tumbled into each other. These riches piled up on the floor far below.

SJI Library Writers Open Mic

Tomorrow night I’m going to visit the San Juan Island Library Writers’ Open Mic. I’ll only be around for the first portion, but I’m happy to revisit this event that’s been ongoing for years, hosted by Pamela Herber of Shadowspinners Press. Welcome visitors, works in progress, published authors, written media variety, all genre. Open format round robin.

Saturday Nov. 9 at 7pm, San Juan Island Library, Friday Harbor WA

WFC Recap

From around the World Fantasy Convention:

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