24.3 \ 206

Moonshadow had invented some formulae, from the translocation that was achieved when directed by Soleil in contact with the Viridian Phasing lattice. Using these formulae, it recalibrated the necessary energy activations to perform the translocation independently of the Viridian Phasing. Human initiation and kinetic response were still required. Moonshadow communicated extensively with Drift X before it left with Uixtr, and together they demonstrated the capability when parties left Ombd.

As she stretched and limbered up, Soleil thought about serving in new capacities. She was already Princess Ascendant after succeeding her mother. Her father, Grant Vario, would now be King Proxem. King Vario, in common parlance. Soleil was still five years from the ruling age of thirty, and the Proxem should reign until then.

In the royal hierarchy, she would return to what had been her mother’s role: hands-on organizer, addresser of concerns, synchronizer of intentions. Without her, all of that would be handled by greater staff. There would be some additional burden on her father as he upheld the duty to determine vision, direction, and priority.

From her current unique standpoint, Soleil was able to work on mitigating the situation that the people of the Imperium would receive. She could create rare options for mediation by gaining a decent grasp of the faction. This, so long as they were offering her access, whatever they intended for it to mean.

People had been making ready while she did; she maintained the focus of her awareness on the interface. Lines of light described the action zone that Drift X would read: a half-sphere at the end of a conical data-gathering projection area, similar to a stage spotlight that ended where she stood on the multi-use turret platform. Time for some shadowboxing, time to dance.

Chapter Patch: 23.1

A portion of information was not included in the original posting of 23.1 that I wanted to be sure was correctly mentioned. I haven’t gone back to readjust a whole lot, but I felt I had to address it, and it was not too far distant nor difficult to do.

If you reread it and everything feels in place, good. If you’re able to note what hadn’t been mentioned, then good for you!

Character Study, Convention Cancellation, Art Store Exhibit

Yes, alas, ACE Comic Con Northeast is canceled due to the current pandemic emergency. I’ll be using my book supply to stock outlets and take direct orders.

This past weekend, I did attend a fantabulous character maquette bust sculpting workshop with Toby Froud and friends at The Fernie Brae gallery in Portland. I explored Rosy Glow’s concept, a Kao-Sidhe character who appears starting in Book 2.

For some of the latest work by the teaching artist, check out award-winning productions Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance television series on Netflix, and Missing Link feature film by Laika.

And here’s one pic of our little gathering at the store for Leo Shallat’s art opening:


24.2 \ 206

“After much adventure, these are the friends we requested that you meet, when you asked on your home planet what service you might be able to do for us after we relieved your stranded state. If you perceive any imbalance of effort, feel assured that will be corrected. We Kao-Sidhe live or perish by the transactions of our innate currency.”

“Right now, I’m not deeply concerned with balancing the books. For how long have your peoples known each other?”

“Though Aureny have only inhabited their home planet, Kao-Sidhe are in a great many places. Our familiarity springs as though from the dawn of time. They had little trouble recognizing those of us who had some connection in their affairs. We make our way around, as certain things create for us a calling. In fact we are, at this time, yourself and company included, receiving a calling – being summoned, if you will.”

“To where?”

“A place you know of, where you have never been but is a part of your home. With people you know, but not very well, who you will have a chance to know better. This is my most succinct and accurate summation.”

Soleil resisted the immediate pull towards an available action. She hadn’t had time to her own thoughts regarding the new situation in the royal family. Though her feelings had become complicated and she suspected the greater truth was even more so, she loved Celeste; she would have to deal with that loss on her own time. She sensed that some hours for reflection rested just around the corner. The functioning shift in rulership would mean instant changes for everyone, with herself a factor of increased importance. Soleil felt alerted to the impending possibility of when she should call a halt or take an exit in order to do what was necessary when a point of departure should arrive. In some version of events, they could be keeping her entertained and occupied at playing diplomatic head of state while everything fell apart and her seat was dismantled. In this case, the directed action still seemed appropriate. Perhaps just this one more.