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Uncle Bo was wearing a knee wrap made with some adaptive Vedani material. He prodded Vanessa’s suit at the shoulder. “I tried to beat you at this, you know. If I could, it would be me going.”

“It’s okay. None of the adults beat the kids at this. It was our idea. We worked with it and got good at it. We had more time to be ready, but also mentally. We started this because we want something fixed. Maybe we care the most. We’re not mixed up about what’s important in life. This is important. We know it’s dangerous.”

There was a moment of fond and rueful gaze before Uncle Bo threw his arm around Vanessa, and she wrapped one arm around his shoulders to wrestle back and forth a little like they do. They both mussed each other’s hair slightly.

“Besides,” said Vanessa, shrugging her body into the mekani interface suit, “this isn’t even the hard part. It’s just some night gardening.”

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