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She was the youngest of the bunch, at almost eight, but perhaps the most tireless. It had been difficult for the adults to agree to allow her on this stunt, but the combination of her top practice marks under cool self-control and the low-to-zero conflict of this particular action gave her backing when she put her foot down – the foot that could control a gigantic teleporting armor weapon.

As soon as she hit the ground of the Aquari planet Sussuros, the music began. Chrysanthe followed the music. Created collaboratively with the etheric Symbias, it was the means of communication with the environment required to locate a Grove. Subtle reverberatory qualities altered the mech’s sensory inputs so that it could find the path to the nearby Grove, the way Aquarii could when they sang their way to it. The daggerlike device sheathed at her hip also resonated, which strengthened the communication with the charge of intent to live.

Santhie received augmented visual direction of path indicators through the savannah. It was just like a floor routine; she didn’t move around as much in her elevated chamber, but the mechanized form that her body controlled moved further in a leap than she ever could. There was even a little more leeway in execution than a competition routine, since not every step needed to be just right, except for some parts which would ask for a special move. She wore her performance smile, which always helped her be her best! Her dad had done her bun nice and tight.

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