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Vanessa was in early varsity track, while school sports was in session. She’d been working at it, and she was good. Stretching and conditioning was important. She did that now, for this event similar in many ways to a track meet. She felt in top fourteen-year-old shape. She was already wearing the interface suit, thick with readable connectivity elements while still light and nimble. It covered her toe to fingertip, and over her head except her face. Like the usual Vedani piloting suits, it was also light impact armor. She finished her round of stretches and shook herself out.

It was her uncle that she’d convinced to come with her into purposeful danger, to reassure and look after her while she pursued her convictions. Vanessa Udar was brave, but not invincible, young though she was. These children of capable ages faced their call to action in seriousness, with the help of each other and their guardians.

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