Table of Contents

When you’re scrolled up to the very top, it’s there at the top: tables of contents for the first two complete books and the third book in ongoing serialization. And now the third, Greater Beyond, is updated again after another twenty installments. Time goes on, and so does the story. The third book might already have exceeded the novel-length word count of each of the first two, but there is more to be told until the conclusion, and I’m not counting yet. We’ve just ended the fifth hefty sequence of the third book (25th of the trilogy – coincidentally, Princess Ascendant Soleil is the 25th of the Magus ruling lineage). I tell chapter sections in parts so that I know what I’m doing. Each installment is a small work of prose, like flash fiction; and while they add up to a much larger epic, I want each one to deliver an experience, a complete moment of shifted perspective. Shifting perspective is an ability that, when frequently exercised, can lead to greater connection, deeper sympathy, and new degrees of coordination. But please, don’t read science fiction fantasy for the superpower benefits, or they may not actually come to you. Joy is the key, as foreseen by desire. Do what you want. Read this if you feel like it. Love it if you do.

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