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The two ships landed next to a school playground by a lake. “I wish to hold a discussion with Princess Soleil,” Sturlusson explained over the com. “Anyone else who wants to come landside for your own reason, I have a small process available in hand if you are worried. It was a terrible disease that ravaged this place, but you will be fine. Meet me by the tall slide.” Everyone came out.

They gathered for a session with the harmonizer, a Vedani module that could read a physical body and inform it how to adapt to a set of conditions. “People here died to a disease that had a cure possessed by the Imperium, at a time when our planet’s leaders were independently establishing open contact with the Vedani.” Raev Sturlusson dropped this bomb with a take-it-or-leave it tone that brooked no argument at this time. “One of those being my father.” As he finished administering to the last, he looked around at all of them like a tour guide. “You are now free to explore the famous peace and independence of Hirylien. An added note of caution, things can be really bad inside the buildings. Return to the ships at sundown. Princess Soleil, if you will accompany me.”

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