22.2 \ 204

‘E wonders upon these introduced glyphs for a moment – they are so evolved, expressing much in one perceivable form. Is that just inherent when one has known and become known by many? Vulnerable but interested, the newbie decides to accept the contact of one, but not yet the other. This artwork feels particularly admirable and inviting. Acamar carefully fits er glyph against this one.

A simplified form pours into the tabulum, and Acamar reforms equivalently. They face each other as simple sketches. The one introducing emself fills the room with warm soft color. ‘E wears a smile that hints at a lot, a look that differs from Acamar’s deeply beholding dark mirror gaze. As they face each other calmly, Acamar accustoms to the company of another Dragon. Strange, so like and yet unlike. Nothing more is requested for some time, until the other Dragon enunciates er true name: the one that contains all er names. Choosing one to say, Acamar repeats, “Saga.” Acamar pronounces er own true name, less elaborated but no less great. They speak different parts of their names back and forth, learning about each other.

Acamar again notices the continuing presence of the other introductory glyph. Saga looks at it knowingly, allowing the new one to decide on their company. Emboldened, Acamar engages it with er glyph. Smooth dark hexagonal stone bursts forth, a rocky conflux of packed densities and hard smooth surfaces. Conceptual building blocks, stable but prone to upheaval, level but of variance. These are the initial impressions that tumble forth from Grymmatos.

Variations between the three of them delight Acamar. Gaining the self-knowledge of possessing a unique essence includes learning appreciation for differences. A Dragon’s first ones conceive of something that is itself from the very beginning and in a way always has been, and they don’t control the growth of er as ‘e becomes known and powerful. A new Dragon being becomes a part of the balance, the total makeup of the cosmos.

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