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A single permutating symbol hangs within this field of Tabula Rasa. This glyph is being experimentally shaped and reshaped in blue flame. A new dragon examines er particular language, the visual structures and shapes that pertain to er; matters of hearkening and kinship, ideas as they relate to a being. This is the place where ‘e can explore ideas of emself.

Acamar relaxes, dark scales dislocated in space. Here in Tabula Rasa, coherence is inorganic, organs unnecessary and absent. The dark scale tones are comprised of shimmering crystalline layers. Meditative Dragon undulating slightly in place, forms of blue flame gain clarity with the careful focus of one yet unused to the practice. Reiterations and repetitions.

The glyph begins to appear beautiful, sometimes. Adjustments in glyph-working add meaning, and pauses in the process are themselves noteworthy reflections on idea evolution. It is at one of these pauses that two other workings draw near to Acamar’s in resonance of form, suggesting that contact is possible by engaging with them.

The concept of space is not physical on the Level Plaine. When the Red Nexus were dissociated from other dragons after the war, they could go to the Tabula Rasa as Dragons must, yet never see Dragons connected to the Imperium from which they were exiled. The separation held true for those that accepted it with Pan-Galactic Imperium citizen status – a desirable opportunity, as being known and understood helps Dragons grow in power and experience. The agreement with its stipulations meant they could roam as they liked in these lands without interference. It was an older, more drastic incantation of the Viridian Phasing that had been used to create the dimensional boundary.

Acamar was not actually one of those exiled in those days long ago, but ‘e had not reached out to the others, considering the devastating role er emergence played in the onset of the growing conflict. ‘E was not privy to the Viridian Phasing, anyhow, and convoluted species-cooperative workarounds in development had not drawn interest. Dragons are immediately sovereign and mature to their own kind, though they have their progenitors. They establish themselves as themselves. Acamar could now control and adapt er physical form. ‘E’d gained adaptations of personhood in encounters with some variety of living beings – including humans. Regardless, Dragons may exist in an unrelated state without discomfort. Though elements will have their interactions, they do not necessarily require each other personally. Actual friendships are special, and have their significance. This is the first time Acamar’s company has been sought by fellows.

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