SJI Library Writers Open Mic

Tomorrow night I’m going to visit the San Juan Island Library Writers’ Open Mic. I’ll only be around for the first portion, but I’m happy to revisit this event that’s been ongoing for years, hosted by Pamela Herber of Shadowspinners Press. Welcome visitors, works in progress, published authors, written media variety, all genre. Open format round robin.

Saturday Nov. 9 at 7pm, San Juan Island Library, Friday Harbor WA

San Juan Island Public Library; AltLib Bookstore, Bellingham

Find it on these shelves!

Chapter-plate hardcover of book 1, Fire On All Sides on the New Fiction rack up front at the San Juan Island Public Library in the town of Friday Harbor. Bottom shelf facing, third from left. Sharing uptime with Assassin’s Fate & The Book of Joan, both authors whom I have met. Thanks, town of long residence where I live! I hope people will enjoy it and feel free to tell me how they liked it.


(Signed) Paperback volumes of Fire On All Sides are now available for sale at the Alternative Library bookstore in Bellingham, WA. As of picture, far right upper, that’s left corner shelf by the doorway – sharing space with A Language Older Than Words & Promethea, something near and something dear.


Solstice Paperback Release & Special Outlet

This month upon the summer solstice (June 21), Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides will be available in Classic Pocketbook paperback edition, for $12, obtainable through bookstores worldwide.  The cover features the amazing painting “Emotions Within” by Genesis Grey, and blue steel Bones of Starlight lettering by Matthew Krotzer.

FOASPB cover recto.jpg

Look forward to an opportunity for an autographed special order!

Speaking of signed books, if you find yourself in Friday Harbor WA, Bones of Starlight can be found at Island Studios, 270 Spring St.  I gave these copies the star treatment.  Support local arts, and support arts locally.


Neighbors to the left:  The Book of Ramen, With Love And Butter

Neighbors to the right:  Mermaid Meditations, The Bay of Mermaids