Solstice Paperback Release & Special Outlet

This month upon the summer solstice (June 21), Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides will be available in Classic Pocketbook paperback edition, for $12, obtainable through bookstores worldwide.  The cover features the amazing painting “Emotions Within” by Genesis Grey, and blue steel Bones of Starlight lettering by Matthew Krotzer.

FOASPB cover recto.jpg

Look forward to an opportunity for an autographed special order!

Speaking of signed books, if you find yourself in Friday Harbor WA, Bones of Starlight can be found at Island Studios, 270 Spring St.  I gave these copies the star treatment.  Support local arts, and support arts locally.


Neighbors to the left:  The Book of Ramen, With Love And Butter

Neighbors to the right:  Mermaid Meditations, The Bay of Mermaids

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