Book 2 Poem Reading

In this video I posted onto my Readings YouTube playlist, I picked a poem to read from inside Book 2: Abyss Surrounding. “Star Matter Scarabs” is the title of the poem that was being discussed by the Vedani interested in Human poetry. This was read to an audience at Everelse wine bar’s literary & musical open mic in Friday Harbor, WA.

Also: Happy 100th Chapter to Greater Beyond, Book 3.

Story Portal Inking; Sh’BangFest

Sh’BangFest, Lookout Arts Quarry, Alger, Washington, Northwest United States. After midnight on Friday (that’s today), around 1:15am to be exact, I will transform into a mermaid upon the Pirate Stage to deliver Pirate Poetry & Siren’s Tales.

Following, a series of photos showing part of the process of creating my portion of a story portal for Book 2, The Enfolding Abyss. I was the solo chapter illustrator for Book 1, and in Book 2, each portal is a collaboration between me and one other artist. I hand-draft the medallions using classical methods of compass & straight edge, and some of my freehand linework. I usually leave a ‘hole in the weaving’. These are aimed toward combining with a guest illustrator. Updated WIP sequence plates updated for 14 & 15.

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