Story Portal Inking; Sh’BangFest

Sh’BangFest, Lookout Arts Quarry, Alger, Washington, Northwest United States. After midnight on Friday (that’s today), around 1:15am to be exact, I will transform into a mermaid upon the Pirate Stage to deliver Pirate Poetry & Siren’s Tales.

Following, a series of photos showing part of the process of creating my portion of a story portal for Book 2, The Enfolding Abyss. I was the solo chapter illustrator for Book 1, and in Book 2, each portal is a collaboration between me and one other artist. I hand-draft the medallions using classical methods of compass & straight edge, and some of my freehand linework. I usually leave a ‘hole in the weaving’. These are aimed toward combining with a guest illustrator. Updated WIP sequence plates updated for 14 & 15.

If there is interest in my unrelated artistic experiments, visit

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