One thought on “Bones of Starlight

  1. Hello Eva,
    I came across your blog and books doing research about my old friend Paul Laffoley for an art history paper I’m working on.
    I love your post on going to Paul’s old studio. You may know this already but when they sold the building he had to move out in April 2006 and moved to to an artist studio apartment in the Fort Point area of Boston near the site of the Boston Tea Party.
    Send me an email if youd like me to send you some pix and info about him. I’ve been working for 4 months on this paper and I’d like to adapt it and publish it somehow. I have very complete photo documentation of the Bromfield St studio made in 1995 when I stayed there for a weekend and shot 6 detailed 360 degree panoramas that capture most of what was there at the time. Paul was working on one of his most amazing paintings, The Solitron, which was about 1/3 completed. Paul, my wife and I and some friends had recently returned from a few weeks in Florence with Paul and I getting in lots of trouble driving up pedestrian streets in the heart of the city, recording videos of Paul lecturing at Dante’s house and out on the railing of the lantern at the top of the duomo, Giotto’s Campanile, etc. It was a blast!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    All the best!

    Dana Hutchins
    Falmouth, Maine


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