Draft Preview Hiatus 3/7



Surprised at this ease, Soleil felt humbled. “You are very courteous to me, for a people so angry at my people.” She recalled the presence of the Kao-Sidhe as spoken through flame, when she’d had her true dream.

“And you are very courteous to us, for a people who have so injured our people.” Rosy Glow’s voice was ethereal and warm.

“I know nothing of the injury that others have done.”

“And we know nothing of the anger that others feel. So we of all people are in positions to aid each other. And so we have, or done our best.”


How and why do things feel disconnected?
my hands have felt like a hundred different hands connected to my hands
so imagine what it feels like to have five hundred fingers … that disappear
also, my primus has really intense emotions


Looking at Garlic, she felt hungry.
On a slim hope, she said, “Hey, can you make food, something I can eat?”
Immediately a clove of garlic fell to the floor, and upon hitting it turned into a garlic chicken wing.
“I guess it’s a good thing I like garlic.”
Garlic rolled around in midair.

Draft Preview Hiatus 2/7



“This is a great idea.”

“Just like it’s a great idea to spoon first.” Wendel turned over to kiss him. “You never know what might happen,” they said together.


UIXTR: Do you have enough of it?

AELRN: Enough of it for a while. And then maybe we’ll be doing something different.

UIXTR: A good while?

AELRN: A very good while. A little goes a long way when we’re using it in strips. And we’d better have progressed our stratagem by then.

UIXTR: Sounds groovy and feasible in every way.


Toller woke at the sound of footfalls in the hold, where he’d used cargo straps to secure himself in a niche for a nap. Leiv, source of the noise, switched on the lights. The boy loosed his hitches and stretched. “Where are we?”

Draft Preview Hiatus 1/7



Soon the space they’d opened was empty. With no one else in sight, they locked up and took off, leaving the key in the lock as requested. “So, what’s next on the list for the Homeboy Shopping Network?” asked R. Arriba.


Everyone has different protocols. Learn how to be understood in as many or as few protocols as possible. Leiv and I will just use poetry sometimes if we’re piloting our own ships in a situation.

“How do you do that?”

“Mostly, we understand each other’s language… we like each other’s taste… and we use embedded pointers from our horsing around for years together.”


This trusty vehicle had read her motions clearly and without parallax the whole time – no misreadings had interrupted her hyper-tuned mindstate, and when the jumps occurred they were distinctly a result of her actions, whatever they’d been. So, with a hint of suspicion, with her gloved arms Soleil began to comb the field of motion for the errant response.

Draft Preview Hiatus 0/7

I’ve been writing ahead. I’m going off-grid while at Tribal Gathering in Panama, holding various experimental story workshops (see you there?).

For postings from now through the Ides of March, I’m just going to share a tiny preview slice of each section draft. This is partly a fractal exercise (what tiny part can transmit some satisfying quality?), and a process sharing – parts will remain, others transform. That’s what you get for being along for the ride! I’m not even going to tag these, so this is the loyal reader exclusive.

I’ve practiced spoiler mitigation in my selections, however some things will be revealed, so if you don’t want that, come back next month!

If you don’t mind that and this seems like a fun foray into the writer’s mind, then stick around. The hiatus counter above will begin with the next post, during which every post will begin with the words SPOILER WARNING.

The Author @ Worldcon 74, Forward Peek

At Worldcon 74 in Kansas City, I was invited to be part of the Worldbuilders of Science Fiction & Fantasy project by Richard Man.  He uses a large format film camera, and only took two exposures, which felt like a significant way to record an image. Here are both!

1. “Well, folks…”


2. the ‘Starfleet crewmember’


Peek ahead, into the first edit dimension.  There is more, and it’s going through its proper phase.