Draft Preview Hiatus 0/7

I’ve been writing ahead. I’m going off-grid while at Tribal Gathering in Panama, holding various experimental story workshops (see you there?).

For postings from now through the Ides of March, I’m just going to share a tiny preview slice of each section draft. This is partly a fractal exercise (what tiny part can transmit some satisfying quality?), and a process sharing – parts will remain, others transform. That’s what you get for being along for the ride! I’m not even going to tag these, so this is the loyal reader exclusive.

I’ve practiced spoiler mitigation in my selections, however some things will be revealed, so if you don’t want that, come back next month!

If you don’t mind that and this seems like a fun foray into the writer’s mind, then stick around. The hiatus counter above will begin with the next post, during which every post will begin with the words SPOILER WARNING.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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