Draft Preview Hiatus 1/7



Soon the space they’d opened was empty. With no one else in sight, they locked up and took off, leaving the key in the lock as requested. “So, what’s next on the list for the Homeboy Shopping Network?” asked R. Arriba.


Everyone has different protocols. Learn how to be understood in as many or as few protocols as possible. Leiv and I will just use poetry sometimes if we’re piloting our own ships in a situation.

“How do you do that?”

“Mostly, we understand each other’s language… we like each other’s taste… and we use embedded pointers from our horsing around for years together.”


This trusty vehicle had read her motions clearly and without parallax the whole time – no misreadings had interrupted her hyper-tuned mindstate, and when the jumps occurred they were distinctly a result of her actions, whatever they’d been. So, with a hint of suspicion, with her gloved arms Soleil began to comb the field of motion for the errant response.

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