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“The contact digest for today is vivid and full of vitality.” Mireille had been allowed to peruse incoming memorandums for the past year, and had used her access today while processing the internal upheaval. “Is it true that you met Ravl Pliskin? There was a hint.”

Soleil nodded. “It was a fairly smooth dealing. I wish you the same in any such event. He may have understood the logic when I gave him facts.”

“Our civilization is going to need some post-traumatic therapy. We need to support the new happiness, the new dancing. We have veterans and their families on our hands after the loss of the fleet and the anomaly massacre; there’s a lot we haven’t caught up with, care-wise, since troubles started to pile upon each other. Civilian survivors of Anzi, HA235, neighborhood lockdowns, heirloom tower reawakenings, darklab demonstrations, and burnt groves. There is going to have to be a mobilization to rescue our sanity, well-being, and identity. Aquariid redevelopment cannot be ignored this time, and might even be a key component to human recovery.”

“Recover Together. It may work to apply that philosophy on many fronts.” Soleil was content to let her younger sister’s insights go unchallenged. Strategically, they were on the same page. The shifting dynamic was pleasant, so she just added what she could. “The Aquarii’s Symbias trees now claim Vedani as a type of family. Kao-Sidhe visibility is an entire cultural element that may entail its own revolution. I would expect there to be some new departments of study and practice for the next age.”

“On another note, there’s also going to have to be some smoothing out with those banding with some reflexively defensive dragonslayers. The returning Red Nexus Dragons are proposing to agree not to eat any humans, as long as they receive enough seekers to satisfy their elements. We’ll need to find those with the courage.”

“On the topic of dragonslayers, I’m returning Dusk-Arrow to the collection for which it was destined. I don’t need to keep it.”

Presence was sufficient as they nibbled and sipped, facing forward side by side. “The construction for the housing of the collection is nearly finished. The work on that was fast, after Grandmaria died. They’re asking for opening gala scheduling.”

“Maybe with your Ascendancy.”

Mireille tasted those strange words. “My Ascendancy.” She turned to meet her sister’s eyes. “I hope and believe that you may be onto something in designing your new job.”

“I think I know what it is.”

“Iron it out before the impending time for announcements. I don’t expect to have any argument.”

“I can get some convincing endorsements, and I can call in historical indicators.”

Mireille sighed. “I’ve done my best, but who, in these worlds, is ready for what’s coming next?”

“Oh – I brought something.” From an inner pocket, Soleil produced two gemstone pendants of exquisite rarity. “I know you’ve read the scroll, so you know of the Aureny. These are Vedani-wrought Aureny gifts that are attuned to their communication frequency scatter, which they tell us connects naturally with humans as well.” The sisters put them on, and sipped admiringly.

Without excusing herself, Soleil rose and began walking down the platforms. Mireille watched, letting her go from her place upon the cushion. Almost out of sight, Soleil looked back and nodded before leaving.

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