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“So. Dragon Food.” Mireille broached this intrinsically unusual topic with matter-of-fact practicality.

“You found Dragon Food?”

“As a first Kao-Sidhe to consciously register, he is a personable one. Of course, I may have seen one or many, and succumbed to a pervasive cultural conditioning to erase erratic phenomena – which is what they are. Whether or not or how this is supposed to work, there is a greater wholeness in the feeling and function of a world that acknowledges them. It’s an interesting ongoing empirical experiment. They’re not entirely scientifically provable, are they; but without them, the data is wrong. We missed them terribly, didn’t we… yet how could we have missed them entirely?” In her assessment, Mireille seemed open to new experience.

“They require an awareness that may be a building block to a very different kind of world. Acknowledgment is the least they demand, while we should yet keep a close eye to our bargains with them.”

“While other bargains have ended. Foundationals appear to be currently experiencing a form of resource implosion after an untoward joint venture. They also used to funnel to Father.”

“It seems rude, doesn’t it, some of the things we must discuss. But we know why we must. I noticed that the technologies are newly working again with the restoration of the dragonroads. Congratulations. On some of those levels, people are surely rejoicing.” They took a moment to handle the weight of their losses against this.

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