145.5 \ 337

Somewhere within the energy lines connected to Raev through the bioware of his self-experimentation with Vedani embedments, something big went live. A resonation crescendoed, and you know what, he grab-connected and used it. It felt of transgate magnitude, deep and high. In the course of his transformation to become who people called Signalman, he had attuned to sendsinging well enough to possess intuitive rhythms with the flow of intergalactic transit. This was part of developing uncanny senses of how to direct his people through operations, safely or in secrecy. This surge came to him through that sense; it wasn’t something verbal or visual, though complex enough to occupy wide puzzleboards, while simple enough to occur instantaneously.

He didn’t know what it was, but it was something powerful. He didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but he may as well give it everything. The ingot in his outstretched fist glowed through its swirling melt fractures with the energy he sent through it. Softly, it seemed, it landed a touch against the emblem on King Proxem Grant Vario’s chest.

What just happened?
What. Just. Happened?!
Of a planetoid?
The Spheraeonic Planetoid In The Aetherscape Mitosed When We Fed It Enough Activity
Or when we did the right thing…
How are we handling this?
How are you handling this?
I’m Jumping Up And Down
I can hear it.
The harmony!
I can feel it, hooo.
Let’s… Party.
We may need to let off some steam.

The lump of phronium between them, Raev closed the last measure of distance. Holding it there, his extending fingers snagged the edge of the emblem to draw Vario nearer. Posture opening, Sturlusson clamped the stump of his right arm over the King Proxem’s shoulder, pinning the phronium and wrapping his left around a weapon-bearing arm. He was hardly worrying where those blades might be aiming in this stretching moment, with the active metal between their chests.

The current within Raev’s motions – in connection with his greater being, also concentrating through the phronium amalgam – beat through his heart. There was a tone, multiplying in magnitudes as it doubled, that resonated between and throughout his heart and mind. He let the song of the vibration flow, because it was part of the power of the moment. He might have felt Grant Vario’s heartbeat become a part of this growing energy as well – that seemed like what that was. It felt like there now existed two different linked energetic worlds that originated from the same one – a split in time that was also a split in place, that also now contained them.

A flash murmur ignited among the Kao-Sidhe especially attracted to an extreme anomaly of relevance. In an interdimensional manner not unlike that of Dragons, they too may manifest. For this, a great many suddenly did, to observe as they ought through eyes upon eyes upon eyes, on the occasion of this very unusual occurrence. They watched what may only happen once.

The edge at the side of Dusk-Arrow’s foremost point sliced a thread, there in the back shoulder zone of the King Proxem’s tailored blazer, between chains. Soleil let the sword bite, her body following in contorted catapult. Was this the only way? Would this be the best way? What exactly was happening? This is it.

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