145.4 \ 337

Vario’s weapons shifted from their target by degrees as he turned attention to address the imminent intrusion that was Raev Sturlusson. Soleil altered her motion into a manipulative twist, and Dusk-Arrow connected against instead of through her father’s body, turning him and turning against him. The sword slid along, seeking a new vulnerability, pushing him into disadvantage. She hung onto her chances in the moment with a finger’s pressure, the blade doing the work.

What Plexus had given them was a plug-and-play formula, optimized for their systems. This wavelength, in its effect through various machine users, had multiple interacting differentials on several planes. Most had been recorded to a predictable degree, while some were in stages of development for greater understanding. With acuity of intention, it had a power for realization – a clarifying effect, which made it possible to circumvent several layers of code. It was actually a simplifier, and vibrationally organic, so it also unified systems. It was the boost they were looking for in many ways, and not a moment too soon after the Aquari emergencies. Ultimately, across the board, this was power to the people. This could be, and would be, utilized.

The patch was going through ship drives of their official and unofficial conglomerate partners, as well as the translocation gates. It was so easy it could happen all at once, in one coordinated upload, all on the Synchrony. It was on fast track for ASAP, and as soon as possible had come. It was synergistic.

“It’s on, now,” said one of the team.

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