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The remembering was making its way through every likely channel, through a multiplicity of voices. There were scraps from person to person and whispers-to-shouts over all wavebands, both the restored common means and the newly invented workarounds. People needed to share their processing of an event that was almost personally mundane – finding something lost – yet staggering in the sudden collective remembering.

… this is no illusion, this is the dispelling of an illusion…

… though we denied their very existence in an effort to erase them and call the realities they share with us ours alone, they are still willing to return to us the best parts of our history if we recant our falsehoods and tell the story as it should be told…

… and the memory of all good things in my life is clearer if I admit to myself and to others how I, my family, even my people in times long past (how do I know these things?) have known and interacted with the sidhe, or Kao-Sidhe more formally. I was afraid of being called a fraud, but my word became a stronger bond…

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