Astronox Live Muse Writing

Activate Muses! At Astronox Festival near Austin TX, I’m hosting a workshop tomorrow Saturday 12:30-1:30. As follows:

Live Muse Writing *NEW ADDITION*: Participate in group creativity by getting inspired by anything around you! Bring your writing or supplies, and together we can walk, opening our senses to the world and each other. Led by science fiction fantasy novelist Eva L. Elasigue, 12:30pm – 1:30pm. (1 hr)

I will have some extra paper and pens, but bringing supplies would be best. People are welcome to work on whatever they wish as we migrate to a few different locations. I held this before at Cascadia Festival NW, and received a lot of appreciation for the experience. Looking forward to co-creating expression with the Austin community.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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