119.2 \ 311

Statements were made by individuals in turn collectively, synthesized by one mind and made more intelligible by another. There was no ratification; if it were to be heard, it could be worked on, and events were developing rapidly now from both and many sides.

we state /
/ existence that deserves acknowledgment
we claim /
/ the necessity of our presence in our realms
we assert /
/ that the time has come to return

There was a balance of impassioned histories and multifaceted perspectives, with agreement tradeoffs in power, autonomy, and etiquette. Arkuda lent to this er broadest perception, illumination on matters cast with one bright eye here, and there the other.

in such case as /
/ as in the moment requested
whether it may be said /
/ one or another is correct
in the eventuality /
/ of these realizations

In their dually propinquitous corner of interdimension, Arkuda’s tailtip scribbled glyphwork markings while Saga’s tail unscribbled them. In turn, Saga breath-spoke the contents with er unique excellence – in a way that made more sense, put things in perspective, and tied them all together into a complete experience of understanding. There was scarcely an omission of transformation, nor ego, and the information was put together in the way that it should.

in our experience /
/ in dealings with the Pan-Galactic Imperium
we have seen /
/ time pass beyond abhorrences
it must be such /
/ in order to be allowed and accomplished

as to such stipulations /
/ regarding each other’s presence
when it is desirable /
/ to interact

Others among the unaffiliated Dragons were receiving Saga’s compositions, and crafting transmissible glyphs for their possible communications through boundaries. It was real time from outside time, hopefully in time.

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