119.1 \ 311

This is something that this ancient Dragon had never done before, one eye on the Fray and one eye in the Tabula Rasa, lending an ear to both, scribbling glyphs with a tailtip. Even a life as long as this continues to be interesting. In this moment, Arkuda shared an actual physical place with Saga on a planet, while they both hosted the same corner of the Tabula Rasa where they related with other unaffiliated Dragons. Arkuda split er perception between the Kao-Sidhe lawyer-pundits and the exiled Red Nexus Dragons inhabiting a separate part of the plaine, brazenly willing to talk with the newly unaffiliated ex-Councillor.

Arkuda had done it this time – signed off from the Viridian Phasing and gone out into the unaffiliated universe, leaving the Pan-Galactic Imperium. This held the best possible likelihood of brokering some form of resolution, so ‘e went to see if ‘e could find it where ‘e hadn’t yet dared go. It all came together, in that moment, when crossing into that zone. Found those of good connection, those who would open the way, who had been thinking similar thoughts. They were here and as ready as Arkuda for whatever would happen next.

These worlds were different; these worlds also deserved presence. The unaffiliated Dragons had been variously welcoming in areas of the Tabula Rasa. When Saga offered assistance with structured communication, it was a crowning benediction that gave Arkuda full motivation of pursuit. Depending on the outcome, this could be the last thing the Dragon sunlight ever does for the Pan-Galactic Imperium; a love letter, a farewell note, one last try for people Arkuda had been aiding for an age or two. This Dragon had often grown fond of people that love working with er, again thinking back to the folk that named er a dog-horse.

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