118.2 \ 310

The two exited the flyer and crossed the rooftop toward an entrance to the top level. “I actually am pleased to see you again so soon,” said the other. When they got inside the hallway, Karma kindly averted her eyes so that Soleil could adjust her projection to show herself as herself. In this provided, private space, she had decided to meet Ravl Pliskin face to face, to see if she could initiate some helpful arrangements. She wore her Vedani piloting suit plainly. Next to her, Karma Ilacqua was in fresh togs and well-heeled boots. “You really know how to make things happen.”

“Thank you, it is my chosen profession. This also precipitates a rare opportunity to meet with my boss. I haven’t seen him for a while, but in my experience he’s been easy to talk to, a good communicator. Go ahead and deliver it straight, whatever you’re coming to say or ask. He can handle it.” Wasting no time, Karma prompted their progress down the hallway. They went smoothly and without too much hurry.

They reached a windowed atrium, where Ravl Pliskin stood sipping from a glass of water. He turned and took a few steps to meet them. Looking Princess Ascendant Soleil in the eyes, Pliskin said nothing, standing ready to listen. He asked no questions, and made no remarks or unnecessary implications. Ilacqua saw that he didn’t trouble with niceties, and also left the air clear for the Princess. Soleil smiled with relief before taking a breath to speak.

“You have a very large deal or set of deals underway. I myself witnessed the final results, for what I could understand of them. You also have powerful holdings that may be affected by dramatic shifts in associated markets. Much is changing as we speak. Your subsidies can aid or slow the systems dependent upon them. I know that you know all these things, but I am reiterating, for you, my knowledge of them; so you may understand from whence this thought process originates.” Ravl nodded with clear understanding. Soleil produced an encased chip and presented it before her. “I made you some charts and graphs. These may communicate to you the market factors I can perceive from the information I have learned. These are for you, specifically. I can say this to you right now: buy at a bargain, sell at a premium.”

One thought on “118.2 \ 310

  1. Hey Eva…
    Pintail was one of the 1st boats out looking for the Aleutian Isle after she went down. Divers went over the side and nothing went right- blown out by current, loss of consciousness and no luck finding the boat.

    I happened to have my little ROV and here is some video of scouting around @ 60m.


    Thought it might remind you of one of your aquatic incarnations… or, more likely, inspire something. The boat fell over the cliff down there and, yes, I found it but the hunt was better than the wreck. And it would have been an embarrassment.

    Enjoy… and I have the boat at 32 Inskeep. Night dive? You may want to wear something with not so many holes


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