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“I got the data at the Women in Business Relief Assistance afterparty. It was heavy and hush-hush, but each one teach one. My state-of-the-art Iljen prototype minicom figured it out without a problem, so I’ve had this really reliable side channel for a little while now. I know that some of us began to inquire into its origins, and it spoke back – or, the admins spoke through it. Maybe a little bit of both; it was a nominal and mysterious introduction. I felt that I might be seeing something interesting come from this little gadget. Then a verifiable communication from an agent of an agent bearing one of your seals, requesting to activate receptivity through a secret line built in. I decided this would be worth participation.” Karma Ilacqua broke into a smirk. “So that came from you in the first place, did it. Didn’t we just see each other?”

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