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“I’m glad you’re so up to date on today’s issues.” The two women sat at a streetside brunch table, plates empty and polished, sipping hot herbal tea. They both wore sunglasses, as it was a bright, warm day. The one speaking looked and sounded nothing like Princess Ascendant Soleil. To any passerby, she was an independent consultant, the kind that populate this district and are seen chatting at different places with different people throughout the day. The woman she was speaking with, the notable Margeaux Rienne, was footing the bill. They were concluding a detailed discussion about reallocating resources according to new and sudden changes in relevant economies – wink, wink.

“I’ve been closely concerned with these matters for a while, but you supplied key insights that’ll get me going on these initiatives right away. If I can leverage useful partnerships, I will. We’ll have a better chance of creating a more favorable environment for our greater interests.” Margeaux was wearing a smooth ensemble from the latest collection in her fashion line, the one that featured an edgy stamped tin necklace brought to the relief benefit runway at the last minute.

“I’m also deeply appreciative of the bonus, Ms. Rienne.”

The fiery-haired young business owner smiled behind her warm cup. “I already told you that you may call me Margeaux – and it’s a pleasure to adequately reward expertise and first word.”

“I’m in agreement with you on that. It has been a delight to finally meet you.” The consultant checked the small phone com on the table stickered with the Look Out World logo. “I have a couple replies already.”

“If you feel like sending that back, we’ll do the usual full scrub – but if anything terrible happens to it, you don’t have to worry about reimbursing us.”

“Company phone is an exciting extra. I’ll try not to flash your logo in any of the wrong places.”

“I have no idea where those would be, but I trust you to know.”

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