Mid-WorldCon Snapshot

Hey, a lot has been happening this weekend.

On this wall at least, I’m a member of the pantheon that includes Naomi Novak, Rebecca Roanhorse, and Kinuko Craft. Only one of these four has not won an industry award, but this makes it seem almost like she has:

Above, Death Be Not Proud: Character Demises That Killed Us with Seanan McGuire, Matthew S. Rotundo, Sarah J. Daley, Valya Dudycz Lupesku, myself & a great audience.

Below: The Hero’s Journey For All Genders, with SFWA President Jeffe Kennedy, K.M. Herkes, and Tamora Pierce (also in selfie)

That’s Ireland/Scotland WorldCon organizer James Bacon, up there. And down below is my early Nebulas mentor, Joe Haldeman, upon recording a spot to celebrate the translation of two books into Chinese by SF World.

And because the city is its own character, here’s me with Chicago. Serenaded again.

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