111.2 \ 303

Rays of hazy sunlight beamed from the eye, a curving elemental mirror in which their scene was reflected. Dragon Food looked into the eye from around the eye, and recognized the Dragon.
– Arkuda! At the beginning and the end of my personal journey. What brings you here?

– That is what I am wondering. I sense that that there is something that brings me here. And, what is this? What are you?

– This is whatever you think it is, and whatever I think it is, which may not be the same thing. I am whatever I think I am, and possibly some of what you think of me. I’m really trying my best to say it in a way you will understand, because I don’t have to understand it. It just is, we just are.
– Welcome to the Fray, Dragon Arkuda. Where we Kao-Sidhe battle wits until we drop, then recuperate forthwith to begin again.
– Debate or debacle? You decide!
– Here we are inclusively divisive. I’m not sure I remember if we’ve ever had a Dragon drop in; this seems to be a unique circumstance.
– It’s my fault, I did it. But it was already trying to happen.

The context delivery was acting upon the Dragon, who like the others could now follow between fragmented opinions with the facility of one who knows what everyone is talking about. These varied considerations contained high relevance to matters the Dragon had been pondering and discussing with other Dragons. These Kao-Sidhe were good at making points, though they jabbed them about so. Arkuda could project voice into here, which came through like a whisper through water.

– I can work with this.

Dragon Food popped out, and through to a place that was a place, landing squarely on a bed of rose petals.

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