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They had hashed and rehashed the central topics, and now were in yet another set of breakout discussions on ancillary matters. Wheee! The carousel on the carousel. Dragon Food just then noticed something on the proverbial wall – not necessarily writing, maybe more like a familiar signature.

There was a balance, at this point in the discussion and at this moment in time; Dragon Food also felt it between himself and whatever it was he was noticing right there. He got up from his seat, so to speak – there weren’t seats, more like places, and this wasn’t a place, but more of a conversational construct. Dragon Food changed the shape of the construct as he arose.

Whatever was pushing contact from elsewhere was also directly connected to Dragon Food with the solidity of a physical seesaw. It was like he could see it, and then he did see it, a dimensional perception that overtook his vision. There was a cosmic-scale fluid crystalline interconnected lattice in which he was a point at many points. Understanding upon arriving to this, he also recognized that this was an internal landscape of beings he knew. They were reassuringly observant and nonmanipulative, like… well, Dragon Food didn’t have a grandmother, but he’d been introduced to the concept. He trusted the insights of this view of reality. Then there was the something else, and what was it? It was concerned with these matters, drawn in, busy, but interested.

– Here we have quite the development.

The Seadog’s carbuncle-shell nose grew large, and dimensions curved inward towards its deep sniff.

– But will the new information carry any weight?

Present was also a manifestation of a platform with a calculation, which stated the question.

– I’m just going to make a little room here.

A strange thing for Dragon Food to say, because there was always room for disagreement among friends such as these. Yet there was a need to tip the balance, make some kind of energetic exchange. Flourishing a fare-thee-well, he grabbed the crystalline cosmic seesaw, rotating it. As he exited, his form became the portal through which a familiar sparkle opened a relatively gigantic eye into their parlor.

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