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The susurrus amid the bodies of the gathered Aureny was constant and constantly evolving. Vibrational levels rippled in reliefs and depressions between holders of differing frequencies. The people were arrayed around an open center, which was radiating a light they could perceive with the vibrational pits beneath their capital ridges. Connected to this light were sparkles from among them, centering around gems on the ground which gleamed actively. The flat open floor of one of the mightiest geode caverns served as the place.

The towering stony-hided people were wearing some of their finest, most heavily-tempered jeweled ornamentation. It was positioned with functions of amplitude. They were deep in perception of invisible levels familiar especially to them, but common to so many. There were so many beings out there, they knew, that could feel many, some, all, any of the feelings they knew in themselves. Living beings feel things with each other, for each other, about each other, because of each other.

Aureny live with feeling, feelings are beauty, feelings are nature, feelings exist in reality, everywhere amongst everything, they know because they feel it. Some feelings distant from each other in every other way are so like each other as to be a part of each other, connected and moving in relation with an almost certainty. Aureny know, they know, they know.

There is sometimes a way to bring feelings to know each other, to recognize and perhaps to be at peace with each other, to understand each other, to move around each other, to consciously co-exist, only as they each would, each feeling in its true best interest, because only then can we survive the rebalancing. A way to know the feelings is to feel them, so deeply, broadly, depthily and in the highest manner – to find the truth of it that transcends, while only knowing what one can, but with knowing all that one does. Then, the understanding, and the greater understanding. The vibrations and reverberations are real, and the people have their tools.

The diagram of powerful stones in the center was collective, multi-layered, and complex. They had brought their greatest skills to bear on this, and had been working on it for some time, giving it their best resources from far and wide. These stones are legendary, and the depth of this moment in their collective legend was happening around them, with them.

An Aureny would occasionally replace an Aureny in the configuration, and a stone would replace a stone. The light was living, and so was the sound, and the air. Their resonating chambers reflected the universe.

Mystvall felt some familiar feelings, along with many new and unfamiliar. There was a feeling familiar to a feeling familiar to a feeling; it might have a name, and something else about it was familiar but strange. This too was part of a larger whole; Mystvall’s perspective of the feeling through their own gave it a place amongst feelings, a balance. In its balance, which it always possessed, other things also had their balance. So, things moved together as they did, and they felt it, and they knew.

Things would become – from inside of this knowledge, while also being greater than the known. The knowledge of the feeling grows along with the moment, and so does the being and the world grow too. Together they would grow, they would grow with all of this, and they would grow it.

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