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– I perceive a number of obstacles in this consideration.
– There must be a way around that.
– Very little precedent.
– I’m balancing considerations.
– Whether or not we can will have to depend.

After expanses of creating a new mind to understand things he was seeing along his journey while being something totally other than himself, this was actually familiar. There was a cadence to these perspectives that resided within the Kao-Sidhe realm. Dragon Food was remembering again who he was and what he was, something that always came back to him if he forgot a little while mostly disincorporate.

The sound of this group was not squabbling, exactly – more like jocular and determined divergence of opinion. A pastime for some, a passion for others. Dragon Food had occasionally joined in himself, being a personage of at times unique perspective begging to be flexed. They would draw him in when he had particular relevance, and he frankly enjoyed the multi-faceted and contradictory nature of what might be called truth, but is more often a common ground. The ground. He forgot about the ground! Dragon Food loves the ground, he sometimes finds himself there. He gravitated toward the common ground being found.

– And if they should find it thus…
– It could be seen differently.
– It’s time to resolve a longstanding issue.
– The dangers are clear.

Dragon Food breached the membrane of understanding, and the decontextualized comments gained their background and discussion history. He prodded his being and discovered that he was completely himself again. He knew they were talking about matters of great recent interest, in which he was deeply involved. The bodies in discussion had had the presentiment for some time that they would be called in on this, and had made it their business already. They were enjoying themselves, and welcomed Dragon Food to join in the Fray.

– Please reaffirm the agreement.
– I agree to disagree.
– Good! Let’s begin again.

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