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The sonorous voices of the lost Symbias with them once more, the Aquarii were again growing in connection to themselves, their ancient past, to each other – and now, to the Vedani people. Vedani had their aetheric means of communication in what they experience as the scape, which the Symbias could find and understand, even exist within; and the Aquarii, again sitting with tree friends as familiar as their own thoughts, found the intermediary communication natural and easy. The Symbias hadn’t been nearly as close with any other people in the long memory of the Aquarii. They needed to know each other.

A small group of Aquarii had stepped forward to distinguish themselves as those readiest to defend the returned Symbias and the innate allyship they represented, on the suggestion that they would be needed soon. They did this quickly, before Human speculation could learn to consider their Symbias family a threat in the balance of conflict. Bright Wave was of course among them, she who had risked her magnificent voice, and her life, when she sang her way through the barrier around her burning Grove to find some way to save the family trees. She hadn’t been able to then, but she could now.

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