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People were passing notes inside of cash, writing words on their arms under their sleeves. In these notes were sets of codes which would activate upon being relayed a number of times. This, they designed themselves. Navann Ynam did some relaying herself, within her building. Between the information load and her own vivid experiences during recent hospital work, something in her had flipped without her being able to name every reason why; there were too many reasons, and she didn’t write them down. She just decided to start doing her part.

Word was going around, and the sense of imminence was a thick undercurrent. Within the keyed codes were data such as coordinates, times, and occasional neighborhood manifestos. The contents were for the people who had the keys. That’s how this information worked best, which someone knew if they gained it. People who had the keys already knew who they were working with, and why.

Word of mouth by voice. Each one teach one, plus one, plus two, plus three. Not everyone felt they had to do it. Plenty opted out along the way, and this they were allowed. Dropping back in the ranks still often equaled forms of support, and people should only do what they could do. It was important to some that they did. They were ready. The danger balance of battle versus siege had reached a tipping point. This would end something, and gain something. Time for the pressure to drop. They’d been wondering what would do it – they themselves would do it.

People were aware of possibilities. They prepared themselves, as hidden homemade warriors. Things were co-organized: family style, band style, tribe style. Getting through the systemic fence to run to the hills, where something was going to happen.

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