53.1 \ 235

A high-security hovering ovoid was set up at an altitude where two signal deadzones in Alisandre Capital could be viewed. The quality of light had a difference of cast between areas, noticed by Claymore as he let his attention scan the 360-degree view at their 3/4 etage comm bridge. The furnishings were austere but long-wearing. He shifted on his cushion and into his next wind as they prepared to tackle new sets of strategic observations.

Hayze from city planning had just deboarded, and was coming through the triple hatch. One, two, three they closed, and she was in the chamber. She joined them at the view-facing half-moon long desk, and with greetings Hayze began.

“I’m bringing you some noticeable but non-actionable lapses in defensive patterns, so you know where some weaknesses lay. However, the resources aren’t directly there, and reallocation at this juncture does not seem time or effort efficient.”

“I’m glad you’re bringing them to our attention, and we will be aware of them as we go forward.” The King Proxem sat square and tense as he exercised restrained politesse. “Please continue, Auditor.”

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