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She was not interrupted by any of the others as she brought her wireframe form over to settle her head amid the Symbias root branchings. This one’s emotional-musical language met her senses clearly again, and Aelrn called up her sonic analysis data and poetic impression file. In some way, recording poetic impressions created more accurately effective waveforms, distinguishable by their strong ideations. Symbias are able to affect reality through sharing their dimensional awareness with their friends. Once understood to a degree, they’re deft communicators – consistent to forms of address or clarification, making repetitions to get their point across.

Aelrn loved listening to them, though in Vedani fashion she was working to make it possible to let others do this work in her stead. She thought of what she would do afterward, and in what way it might be related or different. Her gained familiarity with these… plants?… warmed her affections more and more, every time she returned and learned and understood. That was the effect of their presence, and Aelrn felt she could grasp a certain deep foundation of the Aquari people. She’d been feeling like she wanted to name her favorite but hadn’t yet, sensing this was a tradition that belonged to others first, others with whom she should speak.

They were working out eight distinct patterns, one for each homeworld of the Aquarii. These were accompanied by a collection of subpatterns, which corresponded to burnt groves on each planet. They were being given spatiotemporal frequency keys. Vedani were able to recognize these principles relating to their own understanding of neurolocation, the way that internal states affect the ability to find or connect to a physical place. In a moment with certain conditions, done in such a way, by such a person, something can have a specific effect. It wasn’t that far a stretch. The Symbias liked this about them. Aelrn shut out the visual aetherscape, and for now listened only to sound.

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