39.6 \ 221

Model visualizations sprang out of the info strand as the other two looked through. A hollow polygonal dagger with a chamber hilt. A specific list of aetherscape-reactive alloys, for information-to-matter transfer; Kao-Sidhe-modified circuit runics; a recipe of elements; an integrator unit.

AELRN: That’s stuff I want you to see and know about, and we can discuss it specifically later. Because of this, and from this, and for this, the Symbias have been giving me really interesting techneurolocative patternings. I have working experience in maps and interfacing, and believe that our teams should, or must work together, Yykth.

YYKTH: Thanks, I’ll start including you in the discussions as they occur in the areas of your relevance. Yours might both overlap. There’s another thing, if you can tell me where to look in the world of adults. Considering the debates between elders and young about the nature of our actions and who might be taking them and what other actions we may also need to take, can you think of someone willing to associate with Humans who is good at… getting people to relax? Or to have them remain calm and feel healthy? One of the Human kids suggested this might be a good idea.

UIXTR: Give me a moment to check on someone.

He extended an optic tunnel across the aetherscape. His reference was occupied with others, though Oibhn was running a calling-screen of the room they were in, saturated with colors and patterns sliding over every surface, including the curved furniture. This played over mellow strains of siren song and gentle rhythm. Oibhn was testing the castle again, one of the more soothing room projections. Uixtr watched for a beat longer before returning to his in-person conversation.

UIXTR: I’m signing a pathway to CLNR:OIBHN, the ultimate host of a central block. He loves taking care of people and having them leave in a good mood, feeling nourished. This is for any of us to use. He has also had Humans in his lounge and fed them, and they ate a lot of his Human-style food, and some of the Vedani food.

YYKTH: That sounds like it would be a nice visit. For me at least, first.

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